Like I have always said, I am a big - time introvert. I dont like going out because I enjoy my own company and so I prefer being inside all day along. However, my curiosity led me to browse out some sweet places I could visit during my stay in Ibadan and I was glad to get some fun results. I am sure you also want to know nice places you can visit whenever you come down to Ibadan or if you are based in Ibadan. They include -


So, I browsed their site at This was the review

Agodi Gardens,Ibadan is situated in Ibadan, Oyo Province in Nigeria. Ibadan is the third largest city by population in the country and also the third largest city  in Africa. The garden is situated near the center of the sprawling Ibadan metropolis, near the Oyo State Secretariat Complex.  It stands out as a green lung in the surrounding urban landscape with a great recreational potential.

The developer AM&SEA (AM and Sea) is a Nigerian Company with South African and UK partners in construction, engineering and landscape architectural services. A company with a wide range of experience across a broad scope of construction and property development projects. A strategic alliance helped sharpen its focus in the area of designing outdoor spaces in a way that is sensitive and strives to integrate the needs of human development and the natural environment.

Don't worry, my people. I will visit the place soon and give you guys gist yafun yafun. If you wanna follow me, please indicate. We could do a video together and have real fun there. Send a message to 09098265695 or

 Some of the comments on Agodi Gardens which I took from includes -
A place to admire nature,both plant and animal life,Agodi gardens has enough to occupy the visitor for a whole day.The site of lush green vegetation and select animals in more
4 of 5 starsReviewed February 12, 2016

5 of 5 starsReviewed 5 days ago NEW via mobile
We walked the gardens and just enjoyed each other's company. The zoo needs a lot of work. I felt sorry for the few animals there.
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Toronto, Canada
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5 of 5 starsReviewed February 18, 2016 via mobile
Didn't look anything close to what it was some years back. A whole new park if you ask me. Absolutely gorgeous. I would bring my family out here.
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3 reviews
4 of 5 starsReviewed February 12, 2016
A place to admire nature,both plant and animal life,Agodi gardens has enough to occupy the visitor for a whole day.The site of lush green vegetation and select animals in relaxed surrounding make one want to come back for more.You can spend the day without a lunch pack as good food and drinks are available.
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Ibadan, Nigeria
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4 of 5 starsReviewed October 30, 2015
Agodi garden is the place for relaxation right in the middle of Ibadan. it has luscious green grass and lovely shades, there is a nice playground for children. The waterpack and the boat ride are just perfect for a getaway 

2. UI ZOO 

So, I browsed and got the details of UI Zoo

The University of Ibadan Zoological Garden was established in 1948 primarily as Menagerie to support teaching and research in the Department of Zoology. With time the animal collection grew in number and diversity and the Menagerie gradually became a full fledged Zoo in 1974. It welcomes a large number of visitors from far and near every year.

The University of Ibadan Zoo, like most modern zoos, displays wild animals primarily for the conservation of endangered species, as well as for research purposes and education, and so also for the entertainment of visitors.

The garden is home to a wide array of animals comprising mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.
Green monkeys

The Zoo is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year from 8:00 to 18:30 daily.

For the hungry
The shops at the zoo premises have a wide variety of delicious take-aways and kiosks offer snacks. There are numerous picnic spots located within the Zoo where you can relax in the shade of giant trees.

Ample, secure parking space is available at the main entrance of the U.I Zoological Gardens. Security staff is on duty at all parking facilities for your peace of mind.

Security personnel are on duty 24 hours a day for your convenience.
Come prepared for a day filled with fun, fun, FUN!!

The U.I Zoo has for exchange the following
One male baboon in exchange for a female
One female Chimp in exchange for male
One female horse in exchange for a male
We also have green monkeys and terrapin tortoises for exchange.

The U.I Zoo Education Department is dedicated to teaching youngsters and adults about wildlife and wild habitats through engaging, interactive zoo programs. Our offerings for adults, families, children, teens and schools include guided tours, school programs, and opportunities to meet zoo experts and get an insider’s look at our animals and exhibits. All zoo programs require advance reservation.

For additional information or questions,
please call Dr Olajumoke Morenikeji +234 8055275915 or Mr F.K Ajibua +234 7028646050

Then, I got a review of UI Zoo from

I was happy to visit again after a year to find that the zoo is getting better. It cannot compare with bigger zoos in other notable tourist destinations but it remains a shining light in Ibadan, south west Nigeria. Major animals to see include lions, a giraffe named Ajoke, ostriches, camel, eland, jackal, striped and spotted hyenas, baboons, reptiles, geese... More 


Oke-Ado Mountain Ado Awaye lake Naijatreks
High in the sky soars the tranquil Iyake Lake, also known as Ado-Awaye Lake, reposed graciously at the peak of Oke-Ado Mountain in Oyo State, southwest Nigeria. These mountains spread from Ado-Awaye town into the surrounding plains, standing imposingly above the verdant rainforests; and they hold numerous natural, cultural and historical attractions which are of great spiritual significance to the Ado-Awaye people.
Ado-Awaye town itself is a small enclave with its own unique but interesting history. In ancient time, Ado and Awaye settlements existed separately. The ancestors of the Adó people were forced to migrate from Awori land to settle at the top of Oke-Ado Mountain because of the Dahomey war. The ancestors of the Ado people found favour in the eyes of the gods of the mountain and were kept safe till the war subsided. When the Ado people later descended the mountain to settle at its foothill, the nearby Àwáyè people also decided to settle with them, and hence the name Adó-Àwáyè by which the town is called till this day.
While the Ado people lived on the mountain, they worshiped the mountain and revered the various unique natural formations they found on the mountain. It was said that barren women among the people at the time were able to give birth due to their devotion to the worship of the mountain. The tranquil Iyake Lake is one of the most revered attractions on the mountain. The ancestors of the Ado people believe that the lake is so powerful that whatever prayer is made with its water will yield supernatural results. It is also said that there are sixteen (16) gods on the Oke-Ado Mountain. These gods are embodied in specific natural landmarks on the mountain. Each of these landmarks constitute tourist attractions on the mountain, lined up along the path which leads up the mountain.
Oke-Ado Mountain Ado Awaye Lake 1a Naijatreks
Oke-Ado Mountain Ado Awaye Lake 1c Naijatreks
The first of all the landmarks is the Ìshàgé Rock, which is a large elongate boulder of rock, balanced and standing upright on one of its small edges. The fact that this boulder has not fallen off the steep mountain side on which it rests remains a mystery to the Ado-Awaye people and tourists visiting the mountain. Ishage Rock is regarded as one of the most powerful among the gods on the mountain. It is said that it grants the wishes of people who prays at its foot. It was also said that whenever there is sever drought in the land, the chief priest of the mountain will visit the mountain and wrap a white cloth around the ‘waist’ of Ishage rock; rain will fall heavily upon the land that night and the Ishage Rock will drop off the white cloth.
Another attraction on the mountain is Ìyá-Aláró Lake, which is one of the numerous lakes on the mountain. The lake was named after an old woman in the Ado-Awaye village, who specializes in dying of clothes. It is said that the old woman, known as “Iya Alaro”, worships the lakes and sacrifices to it at specific times during the year. The lake is characterized by a gloomy depth which underscores its association with Iya Alaro and its surface and surrounding is bedecked with a lush overgrowth of colourful vegetation.
Ìyàké Lake is the largest and the most popular attraction on the mountain. Unlike other lakes on the mountain, Iyake is known for its clearness, neatness, size and spiritual significance. It is said to be the main god of fertility of the Mountain. It is however, a taboo to bath or swim in Iyake Lake. It was said that whoever swims in the lake will drown and the person’s body will never be seen again. The villagers believe that beneath the lake exists another world that looks like the earth, and whoever transits into that world by diving into the lake will never be able to return to our own world again. There is a small hole (also filled with water) about two meters away from the edge of Iyake Lake which the people call Agbómofúnyàké. It is said that if anyone dips his feet into the small hole, the person will be sucked through the rock into the bottom of the bigger Iyake Lake.
The Elephant Tree is another fascinating attraction on the Mountain. It is composed of the tangled trunk or root of a fallen tree which dramatically takes the form of the head and trunk of an elephant. The eyes of the elephant are also well represented on the formation. Hikers on the mountain are often tempted to climb the formation and sit on the ‘elephant’s head’ while posing for photos.
Esè kan Aiyé Esè kan Òrun is a wide and deep chasm on the mountain which separates one part of the mountain from the other part which hosts the peak of the mountain. Only brave mountain climbers dare cross this valley as the rock slopes steeply along the valley walls. Only a narrow, very steep and slippery path across the valley, links the two parts of the mountain. At a corner of the valley wall exists a small crevice which the locals refer to as Màje kànkàn Shrine. The floor of the shrine is relatively flat and is covered in soft brown sand. It is said that whenever a new king is crowned in Ado-Awaye village, he must come to the shrine to prostrate and roll on its floor, in obeisance to the gods of the mountain.
Another important lake on the lake is Ìyá Onírú Lake, which although is shallow, never dries up all the year round. The lake is located on the part of the mountain which hosts the peak. On this part of the mountain also lies a dramatic cluster of about a hundred foot-sized depressions set along the rock surface , which the locals refer to as Esè àwon Àgbà which translates as “the footprint of the elders”.
Also, broken pieces of potsherds can be seen littering different forested areas on mountain, which underscores the archeological potentials of the mountain. It indicates a pre-existing human habitation on the mountain.
All these attractions and more, along with the mind-blowing and endless sprawl of forest-coated gently-rolling plains extending outwards from the foot of the Oke-Ado Mountains, constitute an irresistible pull for tourists to Ado-Awaye land.
Oke-Ado Mountain Ado Awaye Lake 1b1 Naijatreks – The powerful Ìshàgé Rock
Oke-Ado Mountain Ado Awaye Lake 1e Naijatreks …whenever there is sever drought in the land, the chief priest of the mountain will visit the mountain and wrap a white cloth around the ‘waist’ of Ishage rock; rain will fall heavily upon the land that night and the Ishage Rock will drop off the white cloth.
Oke-Ado Mountain Ado Awaye Lake 1g NaijatreksÌyá-Aláró Lake

Oke-Ado Mountain Ado Awaye Lake 1h Naijatreks – The gloomy depths of Ìyá-Aláró Lake
Oke-Ado Mountain Ado Awaye Lake 1i Naijatreks– Another lake on the mountain.
Oke-Ado Mountain Ado Awaye Lake 1z7 Naijatreks
– The charming Ìyàké Lake
Oke-Ado Mountain Ado Awaye Lake 1k Naijatreks 
Oke-Ado Mountain Ado Awaye Lake 1l Naijatreks
– Clear waters of Ìyàké Lake

Oke-Ado Mountain Ado Awaye Lake 1j NaijatreksAgbómofúnyàké Hole (foreground) and the bigger  Ìyàké Lake at the back ground.
 So these were some of the places I was able to get but I bet you, Ibadan has some really cool and great places you had love to visit. These are just some of them.
Oke-Ado Mountain Ado Awaye Lake 1m Naijatreks

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