Before I came down to Ibadan, I had a lot of misconception about the place. One of such is the fact that they all have tribal marks dangling from their face. Another was that they were all really dark and the last was that they couldn't construct a good English Statement to save their lives. I should have known better. So, I came in with this notion in mind, expecting the worst.

However, as I stayed and tarried long in the land, I noticed that they were really good people. I have mentioned this before and I would always say this and aside from that, they know everything that is trending. To me, Ibadan and Ogun state are just extensions of Lagos. There is nothing happening in Lagos that we don't know or hear down here in Ibadan. We know exactly how things are going.

Ibadan people also have a good fashion style. Never mind the bcs you keep getting on your social media of how poorly Ibadan people dress. Those guys just create such impression to make people laugh and therefore make their money. In my faculty, the best dressed in one of the departments is an Ibadan based guy. What happened to the Lagos guys that colonized the class? Ibadan people have stepped up their game.

Their dress sense extends to their textile market. You could get really nice but at times expensive clothes here in Ibadan. And some of the clothes that are trending here have not even gained popularity in Lagos. Ibadan is ruling!

Also, people in Ibadan don't have long tribal marks dangling on their face. My mom is from Ibadan and she has a tribal mark...quite alright. Many Ibadan indigenes have tribal marks...quite alright but all Ibadan indigenes do not have tribal marks. I have come to understand that Ibadan is not just the Ibadan of old. A lot has changed and it is now the fusion of Lagos, Ibadan, ondo, kwara, ogun and some foreigners who were attracted because of the tertiary institution. So, you don't get to see some strange tribal marked peeps every now and then.

And Ibadan people are trying when it comes to English Language. Yes, they are trying. Because they are still stepping up their game, you could still trace this local accent whenever they speak. I have so many of However, it doesn't apply to all. I know some who command good british English or Nigerian Standard English. So, they could actually construct a good English Statement to save their lives.

Most importantly, Ibadan people are anxious people and they are always anxious to know the latest. They are always eager to learn and do the right thing. But one thing they never tamper with is their culture and tradition. They keep their culture and don't bother upgrading it. Aside from that, they are top notch. Some of y'all should start thinking of spending time out in Ibadan. I bet you, it would be worth the try.

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