Ibadan is a land full of opportunities. Lagos is already so clumsy and jam - packed with so many hustlers that hustling in Lagos is now a very tight thing. To make it at a fast rate in Lagos, you have to have a good connection. Connection in Lagos is very important. If not, you will keep moving from table to desk for as long as possible. Aside from connection, you must have money to make money in Lagos. Are you surprised? Don't be o.

I know you always hear the grass to grace story of so many people and how they entered Lagos with nothing and now they are made men. Fine story. You can enter Lagos without money if you like but you must know someone and people that have money. If not, be ready to work hard to get money before you start thinking of making it big in present day Lagos where every thing seems tight because of the economy.

The worst part is everyone seems selfish. Nobody wants to help nobody. Companies have too many proposals coming in and out every single day. So, if you think you have the best proposal, you shouldn't rejoice yet because on submission, it might not pass the secretary's desk not to talk of the manager's desk. Lagos is a place for smart people that are ready to endure and be patient and make use of their brains to make legal money. The Lagos of America is Wall Street and Washington. We all have a place like Lagos in every country of the world. The Lagos of Ghana is Accra.

However, why face all these troubles when you can easily make it back home and drive down to Lagos in a Ferrari and live big! People too like stress sha. I will give you one sweet example. Lets take a look at Peteru, an Ibadan based comedian. To be frank, if he goes to Lagos, he will be bigger and richer than he is right now but it might take a long while because of the high competition. He has to compete with the likes of bovi, basketmouth, elenu, igodye, gordons etc. So instead of that, he decided to stay back home in Ibadan and dominate against all odds and friendly advice for him to go to Lagos. Indeed, he is dominating even though he hasn't reached the peak yet.

Ibadan is a place full of opportunities indeed. It is easy to think out an idea to change the status of your bank account here in Ibadan. The only thing is that hitting the peak is quite slow unlike Lagos. This is because Ibadan people could decide to be quite lazy and fearful. They would keep asking you

     'Aunty Ejooor (please), shey this thing is really real abi  na fake?'

Even after you have spent 100 hours explaining the authencity of the business. I have noticed that the people of Ibadan have this kind of character which is the reason why Ibadan hasn't really produced too many outstanding people. They are yet to believe in their selves. One can take up this problem and turn it into an advantage. If this problem is tackled, Ibadan would rise very fast at an exponential rate.

So, you don't need to go to Lagos to make it. Take advantage of your environment. There are more opportunities in Ibadan than so many people have realized!

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