Before I came to school in Ibadan, I heard a lot of stories about this ancient city sitting on past glories. To be frank. I used to think Ibadan people were strange people who were really dark, lacked good dress sense and had long, dangling tribal marks. That was the misconception I came with. I assumed the only good thing or modern thing in Ibadan was the University of Ibadan. So, I was not so happy but then, University of Ibadan had always been my dream school.

However, on arriving at Ibadan, my mind-set changed as I saw big cars and nice shops. But let me not lie, most of the houses are really old. They look like they were built during the years of colonization. They are made from mud with really old zincs that look brown from bad weather. The roads are quite good but the environment is dirty. That just confirmed what I always say

    'Yoruba people are dirty'

And yes, take it or leave it. That is just the plain truth. I know I am generalizing it but anyway, many or 'most' of them are dirty *tongue out*

So jare, I have had to live in Ibadan since 2014 and I must say, they are really good people. I am not an extrovert so I don't really go out like that but I have been to a few places like Agbowo, Ojoo, Dugbe, Sango (This is where I board my Lagos bus) etc. One thing that is general is that these places are really dirty...deep truth. However, the government is sorting out ways of curbing this dirtiness because seriously, its not good for the health. Na so the place go dey smell.

I attend one particular church in school and they just moved to a new environment at Samonda. I and my friend do trek from Agbowo to Samonda on sundays and I can tell you, I always go through a serious nose - covering process and I cant help but sigh angrily at how smelly the environment could be. This is really annoying. But one thing is for sure, Ibadan people are good people.

NB - I would be making a video of my life in Ibadan soon. So, anticipate every episode! KIZZES!

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