While growing up, I was always around girls. In fact, I never really fancied or liked any girl that liked being around guys. I saw and regarded such a girl as 'loose' and 'cheap'. I also didn't like guys that much and this was influenced by the fact that my parents told me that they were dangerous and wanted only one thing - to touch your body, get you pregnant and run away.

However, as I grew older, I began getting close to guys. My best friend in SS3 was a guy named Emmanuel Ochade. Aside from coming from the same state, I saw him as a brother and one thing that attracted me to him was that he was jovial and matured. Yet, this did not stop me from flocking around girls.

However, as I grew older, I discovered my new found love for the male folks. I began enjoying their company and understanding them. It started from me match making for guys. I started doing this in secondary school where I linked my friend, Efe, to my classmate in SSS1 named Elizabeth. Then, I became curious and started asking my male friends questions I had always wanted an answer to and I began getting closer to guys.

I discovered that guys are actually more matured than so many girls and that's why I always say

    'I cant do business with a girl'

Girls to me appear lazy in so many ways and they are easily weighed down by the littlest things. A girl who just got heartbroken would function below normal at work but a guy, even though depressed, always know how to pull himself together. This has helped me a lot and I have learnt how to be strong no matter the problem. Guys keep secrets more than girls. I am this person that likes to talk a lot when I feel like and I could end up divulging secrets and one thing about the female folks is that once there is a little quarrel amongst them, their own way of getting back at the person is by divulging the other party's secrets and this has affected me a lot.

Nevertheless, I still have some female friends but then, I enjoy being around guys and I prefer communicating in pidgin. Pidgin is just the best and easiest and smoothest communicating language to me. But then, guys could be funny. Some might wanna take advantage of you while some would prefer to respect you and build a wall of protection around you.

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