My parents paid for the school bus service when I was in primary school and so, I had an edge over every other person. Why? People that were brought by their parents but came late were always punished but we that were transported by the school bus were never punished for late coming because the fault was never ours but the school bus driver or the bus itself. So, we could bounce into school at anytime.

However, I detested our assembly. Oh no no no! I just didn't like assembly time because I knew I was going to get flogged or punished because of different reasons. The first reason was because I never had a Hymn Book popularly known as Songs of Praise (S.O.P). Now it wasn't as if my parents didn't get it for me but I always misplaced mine and my parents hated it so much. They wouldn't buy another one till the next term and so, this was my greatest fear - NO S.O.P

So, whenever it was S.O.P time, our headmaster would separate the sheep (Those that had S.O.P) from the wolves (Those that didn't have S.O.P). He would tell us to gather at the back of the assembly. You should imagine the fear that would creep up my heart. Even though I might not cry when flogged but I never still liked cane. While other pupils are singing, we would be flogged one by one. I was always running to the back so that it wont be my turn immediately.

After we have been flogged, we would be told to join the assembly.

    'If you like, don't bring your S.O.P tomorrow, you all will be flogged again', our headmaster would say

After that, the next thing would come up and that was checking of our uniform. My uniform wasn't always dirty but let me not lie, sometimes, I had to wear my uniform for two days. Why? Because I didn't make it available for my mom to wash or I might have misplaced my second uniform. Chai, I was unserious as a kid. And then, I always kept long nails. I liked to see my nails long. It made me feel like all those celebrities on TV because they too had long

Different teachers would be designated to inspect us...inspection time and when they got to my class line, they always started from the back. I and Ore Olumeyan were the tallest in our class and so were always at the back. We would spread out our nails to be inspected. Once your nails are dirty, you don enter am! They would use the back of a yellow, wooden ruler to beat our nails. After that, they would inspect our uniform. God go come catch me, my uniform go come dirty that day. That is double wahala! They would bring us out and flog us.

While we are still crying, we would be asked to show our teeth so they can be sure its still white not brown. After that, our shoes and socks would be checked. Some people go wear better uniform but their white socks go brown ehn. While some of us wey get sense go quickly wash the upper part wey go show in the morning while the remaining wey go dey inside the shoe go So, I always escape that...not all the time anyway because some teachers could say we should remove our shoes.

Its easy for us to clean our shoes. So, I had less problem with that. That was almost always the usual routine everyday and so I always prayed to God for our school bus to get late to school so that we would miss the assembly or arrive when they were already marching to their classes. But whenever I was absolutely neat ehn, I would pray fervently that we arrive school early so that I could stand like a boss at the back because I knew I had no stain, spot or

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