School! School!! School!!! One funny thing is that I never really liked school when I was a kid. I remember crying myself to school everyday when I was much younger. Well, most kids did that. I remember praying silently that the school bus driver would forget to come pick me so that I would stay back home and when the school bus eventually showed up, I always rejoice whenever it broke down so that I could get to school late. Malaria was my best friend and so, I always prayed for it to show up so that I would have every excuse to stay back home and when it didn't show up, I would lie I had malaria so I could take a break from school.

I remember there were times my parents didn't pay my school fees on time and I and my friends were always very happy whenever we were asked to stand outside for not paying up. Some other kids whose parents paid on time always wished they too could stand outside with us because we never liked school. And assuredly, my favourite school time -


You cannot just imagine the happiness that would romance my heart because that is one bell alert I always await every time I get to school. The boys would run out to play on the field while the girls would sit and eat. Many of my primary school friends had such amazing lunch boxes but my parents paid for school food so I had to wait till the caterer reaches my class to bring my food and wheew, that was one moment that pissed me off because the food was always WHACK!

It was either yam and stew and limca drink - that time Limca was the raining drink before Pepsi became popular, I think. Or Jollof rice or beans and bread. They cooked for us as if we were prisoners and this really annoyed me. Break Time was the best moment to eat and chat and laugh and connect with friends but it almost seemed like it was the shortest period and in no time, the time keeper would run out to ring


At that moment, tears would have no other choice than to form in my eyes and in my heart (Yes, in my heart). That was how much I detested school. And then, our class teacher would enter with that long brown cane that looked chopped off due to severe hits on erring students. I always shivered whenever I saw my class teacher and I would just pray silently for the bell to tick 3'o clock so I could run home.

School is actually an amazing place but when you have teachers who do better in inculcating fear than inculcating knowledge into students, it becomes a fearful place.

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