Our Head Master, Uncle Moses, was a very disciplined and funny man. However, he played on our intelligence as kids so many times. I can never forget the day he slapped me. His hand was very big and fat and so, he gave me a very dirty slap for a reason I cant remember. Anyway, we were told on the assembly one day that we were going to a media house and we were all elated.

Wednesday is our Sports Day and so, we would wear our white vest and short white knickers with a white canvass. After about two classes, the time keeper went out to ring the bell

     'Sport Activities Time!!!'

Everyone rushed out of their class to the field to have a little fun. Our Head Master interrupted our play and told us to form a big circle. The KG and Nursery classes were exempted. So, the entire class from Primary one to Primary five formed a very big circle and we were eager to hear what Uncle Moses wanted to tell us.

    'The School has come up with a decision to take the primary pupils to two media houses. The first one is LTV - Lagos Television while the second one is DSTV. However, we cannot carry all the pupils at the same time to this two media houses. I want you all to think deeply. If you want to go DSTV, go to the right hand side. If you want to go to LTV, go to the left hand side. I give you some minutes to do that'

Many of us rejoiced at the sound of DSTV. We had a DSTV decoder back home and I loved all the stations on it. My best was cartoon network. That time, they used to show sensible cartoons like

. Scooby Dooby Doo

. Samurai Jack

. Ed, Edd and Eddy

. Courage, the cowardly dog

. The power puff girls

. Dexter's Laboratory

. The twins

It was later they introduced 'Ben 10'. Those were cartoons o unlike the cartoons they show now.

So, I went to join the DSTV team on the right hand side. However, I was still indecisive and so, I ran to join the LTV team but later, I realized that LTV was just a normal place and so, I ran back to the DSTV team. Uncle Moses was already getting ready to give his final speech. My friends urged me to join the LTV team. I didn't want to. I wanted to join the DSTV team and see 'oyinbo' but my friends pestered me and so, I ran to join the LTV team.

Uncle Moses finally stamped it. Unknown to us, LTV had given out a special invitation to schools to come do a march past at the media house on Children's day. So, there was no viable excursion to DSTV. The division was all in a bid to cut down the amount of students that would go to LTV. And in actual fact, the kids on DSTV team were far more than the kids on LTV team.

Our names were written down and we were dismissed. I wasn't all so happy because I actually wanted to be on the DSTV team but unknown to me, I should have been happier. The kids on DSTV team rejoiced happily without knowing that it was O.Y.O They were going nowhere!

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