Quantitative Reasoning was the Mathematics of Primary School. I so much hated it. Oh, you cant quantify how much I hated that subject and as long as I hated it, I never passed it. It was easy for me to give my sister at home to do my homework while I get good grades but what of when we were asked to do it in class? I never really understood the techniques attached to it. Yet, there were some gurus in the class whose skills cried 'Mathematics Expert' and whose result screamed 'Science Class'.

We couldn't tell who was going to be in science or arts or social science class because we didn't even know what that meant. However, our teacher had already determined our destinies for us.

   'Emete would be in arts class'

My only consolation was Verbal Reasoning and English Language. My best part in English was dictation. I so much loved dictation because I liked to spell. I liked to learn new and big words because I had a dream - To be a Newscaster. But like I said, our teacher had helped us determine our destiny.

   'Emete cant be a newscaster. A newscaster must be sharp and smart but Emete is too gentle and quiet'

With that, I discarded the dream and opted for law which was even worse and when I told everyone my new ambition, everyone screamed into my ears

    'Emete, don't waste your time. You can never be a lawyer. You are too quiet and gentle. You hardly talk!'

The only person that could be a lawyer was Fego Ogofotha. She was a year older than me but we were in the same class. She joined us when we were in Primary two and she was very sharp! I really liked her and we followed the same school bus. Our teacher once told the both of us that Fego could fit as a newscaster because she was on low cut and looked sharp. I felt bad and withdrew myself but like the always smiling, gentle cutie I was back then, I simply smiled.

So, since I couldn't be a newscaster and lawyer according to what I was told by my teachers, I decided to be a doctor. I fancied the idea so much. So, I would play with a pen in my dad's study at home and act a drama featuring only me. I would scribble medical jargons on a paper like a doctor and would place a rope on my neck in form of a stethoscope. I was excited about my new ambition only for me to realize that for me to be a doctor, I needed to be a good mathematician.

I felt so bad because I concluded that my head wasn't for Maths. At the end of the session, I failed maths woefully and to my greatest surprise, I was called to collect the prize for the best pupil in English Language. I forever treasure that picture. I didn't come up early to collect my prize because I wasn't sure I heard my name because I wasn't expecting it. So, someone was sent to look for me and when I came up, my headmaster, Mr Moses, scolded me and I collected the prize with my mom. If you study the pic, you would see I wasn't smiling. I would upload the picture later.

I wanted Maths but I got English and so, my search for a new ambition began.

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