My parents taught me one thing - NEVER COLLECT ANYTHING FROM ANYONE ASIDE THEM. I know many of you guys had the same thing punctured into your head but mine was even more serious. I was made to understand that this world is a really bad place and that some people might not like me and would want to hurt me. They told me so many stories and this kept a substantial amount of fear in my heart.

Whenever anyone gave me anything, the first thing that would come to my mind was that there might be poison in it. So while in primary school, I never really collected birthday gifts when anyone was celebrating birthday in my class. I would simply shove it off with a smile and a 'Thank you'. But other times, my long - throat would bite me so hard that I would collect, eat and never tell anyone at home.

Something happened in school one day. There was this new girl that came to my class. Her name is Iscioma and she was very fair and pretty. I assumed she was catholic because I used to see every fair girl as catholic. I really liked her and I was someone that loved starring. In fact, I got into trouble one day for starring too much. So, I was always starring at her in class.

So, this girl sat on another row in my class. She came to class one day and she brought a lot of goodies. I guess she was a rich kid because she always brought a lot of things and always did the cutest hair. She was just different. Amongst the things she brought was a very nice juice. I cant remember the name now. One thing is certain. Whatever I wanted, my parents always gave me. So, if I had gone home to tell my dad about it, he would have gotten it for me.

So, iscioma walked up to me and offered me the juice - maybe because I was starring at her and so she assumed I was hungry and wanted the juice. But she was wrong. I was just a looku - looku little girl and I enjoyed looking at her. I cant remember if I didn't want to take it but all I know is that I succumbed and I collected it and drank.

Unknown to me, one of my class mates named Kehinde Arokoyo was observing. When I had drank it already, he came to meet me.

      'Remember your brother said you shouldn't collect anything from anyone and you collected

       iscioma's juice abi? Den! Den! Den! I will tell your brother for youuuuu'

That was just the bomb! I guess he was there when my elder brother had told me that. My elder brother was in secondary school - SS1 while I was in primary school - Primary One. The secondary school was just at the back of our primary school. So, we all boarded the same school bus. I was distorted. I started begging Kehinde o and that small boy no gree. God, if I catch that boy now ehn...

He ended up telling my brother anyway and I got the scolding of my life in the school bus. My brother told me that iscioma was very fair and could be a witch. That means I might be a witch too. I never knew he was joking with me. I took it very seriously and began crying. I was scared of myself. I thought I was a So, my brother told my dad. I guess my dad canned me for collecting something from a girl in school and for as long as I could remember, my naughty brother would sneak into my room and tell me

      'Remember that iscioma girl is a witch. It means you are a witchhhh'

I wish I knew it was a joke because I was scared of myself for a long time. Its not good to be ignorant.

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