The LTV Team, which I was included, started practising for the upcoming 'march past'. We could only wonder why the DSTV Team weren't also preparing for their own programme. Well, we worried less and focused on ours. Our teachers started training us on how to march. Every Wednesday and Friday, we would come out to the assembly ground to prepare. As it was the norm, a princess and a prince were chosen. They didn't have to train with us. They would just sit and watch us and whenever it was time for everyone to march, they will stand in front of us and just walk majestically.

I was excited and I would always go home to gist my parents about our march past training. We were also taught some other things I cant remember now. We were taught how to doff our hats when we see the governor. We were taught some other tactics and it was serious training. We never knew it was a competition and would be shown on the television. So, we kept preparing and so many times, we would have to train while other pupils were in class learning and while marching, we would be secretly laughing and talking.

At last, the D - Day came and we were told to come early to school. We got to school early and our names were called and one by one, we entered into our school bus in our sports wear while the princess and prince wore very beautiful outfits. The princess had a little crown on her hair and for a moment, I wished I was the princess. We bade our classmates bye and for once, the DSTV team wished they were in our team because all signs indicated that they were actually going no where close to DSTV.

The Journey was interesting and we were asked to sing praises. I always loved sitting close to the window so I could see things happening outside. I could also see my friends in my house area or from other schools who were passing. Our Head Girl, Ini Famgbegbe instructed us to keep singing and passersby kept looking even as our school bus drove by. We sang and made so much noise that our headmaster had to caution us. From singing praises, we resulted into singing a song we always sang whenever we were going for a school excursion. It goes like this

    'Up Rose School! UP ROSE SCHOOL!
     Champion in Ogun State

     We are the best in Ogun State

      Rose, Rose Rider

      Oh Super, super Rose School

     The greatest champion

     We are here to conquer

     Forever and ever'

And I personally always enjoy this moment because we would sing it very loud as our school bus drove very fast, especially when we entered Lagos Road. There was a little hold - up and we finally got to Lagos Television (LTV). There were so many schools present already. Our driver drove to the car park lot for schools and there were so many school buses...long and small ones. Most of the schools were from Lagos State and they all appeared very smart in their sport wears and uniforms.

We came out excitedly and our headmaster came to address us

    'We are now in Lagos State and this is Lagos Television. I want you all to remember all what you were taught back in school and no one should behave bush. Make sure you all stay together so that you wont get missing. If you get missing, we wont wait for you when we are leaving. We would zoom off and leave you. You will trek back to school. Is that clear?'

     'Yes, sir', we shouted.

We were arranged according to the way we would march and we followed him behind. The entire place was noisy and rowdy. All the kids present were smartly dressed and for a while, we envied them. We got to the place we would march and we stayed behind a school. We would continuously march on the same spot till it got to our turn to march forward. I can never forget that day because we kept marching on the same spot for almost a hour. My leg was hurting already and we were all getting tired and weary. At last, they called


Our Teacher signalled to us that it was our turn and so, we marched to the stadium and there were so many people present. The funny thing is that we didn't perform excellently unlike during our rehearsals. Many times, the pupils in front and the pupils at the back would be divided...doing different things. Two boys scouts held our school's banner and they were far in front. We were so disorganized. While all these was happening, I was busy talking and laughing with my friends and the head girl and we didn't concentrate absolutely and so we too were disorganized. We marched round and marched out.

When we were out, we rejoiced and ran back to our school bus. I think we ate and waited for our head master before leaving for school. School had closed when we arrived and a few students were around. Some secondary school students were around to pick their younger ones. The school bus drove the rest of us to our homes. I was glad to be at home and couldn't wait for NEPA to bring light so I could watch TV and gist everyone at home.

I was eager to know our result and later on, I heard we came out second to the last amongst over 100 schools that came. I should have felt bad but I just laughed because it seemed very funny to me.

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