In primary school, I had two school mothers - aunty damola and sister bukunmi. We all lived in the same area and they were also close to my elder sister and elder brother. They were very nice people. Aunty Damola, as I often called her then, is married already with a baby to an Oil Tycoon while her sister, bukunmi, is a graduate from the University of Lagos. Whenever I remember those days when we were all in school, I just thank God for His Grace and Mercy because everyone is doing well already. Aunty Damola is living the Life already!

I had a primary school crush. His name was Pelumi Abdul. I bet he never knew I had a crush on him. We were also sit mates. We always sat in twos and all. But I was sure not to show that I had a crush on him. So, it was break time one day and we were all eating, I think. I was jejely eating my own food when pelumi decided to turn. I guess he wanted to check someone out.

But anyway, he turned and in the process, he mistakenly pecked me.


I was so suprised and so was he. Even though I liked him, I got angry becasue my mom warned me never to allow any boy touch me not to talk of a boy pecking me. So, I started shouting at him and he kept begging. I was sad and I almost started crying. He kept on begging me and begging me. I kept on ranting

     'I will tell my mommy for you! I will tell Sister Bukunmi for you'

I didnt talk to him again. The closing bell rang and I ran in search of my sister or brother but none of them were in sight. That was how I saw sister bukunmi from a distance and went to report him to her. She told me to go call him which I did and she held his ears and scolded him never to do such. Even though she was laughing, I took it very seriously even though it was a mistake.

Pelumi was a cool boy so he didnt really take offence. He simply apologized and went into the school bus with his bag pack dangling at his back. I felt a bit bad and throughout my journey home and even when I got home, I kept on cleaning my right cheek. I was such a

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