The school day I liked most when I was in primary school was friday and this was because friday was our club activities day. So, we did less school work and more of club activities and that was just fab to me. At least, I could take a break from Quantitative Reasoning. So, I was in the Red Cross Club. Our uniform was a blue skirt and a white shirt with a blue beret. I always felt very happy whenever I wore my Red Cross Uniform.

So, after a bit of school work, the time keeper would rush out to ring the bell for club activities.

    'GBAGAUN! GBAGAUN!! GBAGAUN!!! Club Activities time!!!!!!!'

You cant just imagine how elated I always felt whenever I heard that. We would scream excitedly and rush out of our classes to our various club meeting point. Our Co - ordinator was Mrs George, a fair igbo woman and we all loved her because she was very nice to us.

During that period, we would sing different red cross songs and learn new ones. We would be told stories of how red cross members do save soldiers that get injured during wars and I would begin to picture those activites and imagine myself giving first aid to a soldier. I felt so glad that red cross members enjoyed helping others. We would be taught how to help injured people and how to administer First Aid treatment. It was always fun.

Nevertheless, I knew that in my school, the most enviable club was 'Jet Club'. So many people envied them because they seemed fearless and courageous and had this special ego and moved about with so much pride. And the sweetest thing was their uniform. They wore trousers and shirt with a white suit and that was just so dope! I loved red cross but I always wished I was a member of the Jet Club.

It got so bad that I decided to do all it takes to join the Jet Club. So, I went home and told my parents about it and then I realized that I had to pay to join Jet Club. Aside from that, most Jet club members were bold people and everyone knew me to be a very shy girl who was known for telling stories in the school bus. So, my person at that time didnt just click with Jet Club kids and so, I felt bad.

There was a bit of segregation. I should have known that there was nothing really special about kids in Jet Club. It all balled down to my mindset.

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