Hey, Singles!!!

How are you?

So many things have happened and all you can do is observe and watch and smile and sigh.

One of the posts I uploaded on the SATURDAY SPECIAL was an article on how to be single and happy. If you haven't read it yet, please check the blog archives and read it because you really need it if you are still single and if you are not, you could read it so that you could tip your single friends. They will thank you for it.

But one thing I missed out and it kept pressing on my mind to talk about it was a number six rule on how to be single and happy which says


One of the major reasons why so many singles get so frustrated most especially when they are in their mid 20s or late 20s or early 30s is that they get overly expectant. Overly expectant for what? Overly expectant for a partner! They begin living like that's all that matters in the world and that their life wont be complete if they don't get a partner as soon as possible and so, they start living out of fear, compulsion and they are not free.

The worst occurs when all your friends are already getting married or engaged. That thing dey pain ehn... But what can you do than to wish them well. You just scroll through your timeline and you see videos of loved up couples and then you start thinking and getting worried as if life would end for only you. You become expectant that you should get someone before a particular time.

You don't need to set dates. You don't need to injure yourself or wound your emotions. You don't need to act out desperate. I understand just how you feel and how long you have waited. I know you have got all it takes to be in a relationship and you have everything planned out. I know you are ready to be the best fiancé or fiancée in the world but you still don't have to get overly expectant.

What if you set out a date that ok o, you must get a partner before May 2016. Two things would happen if you do this

1. Its either you end up acting all so desperate and jumping into the wrong relationship or;

2. You end up getting nobody and frustration sets in.

Stop setting dates and time. Stop giving yourself limits. Commit your life into God's hand and pray one prayer point

    'Lord, lead me to my best at the right time'

Yes, at the right time. This might just be a training period. Use it to build yourself. Be happy. Always wear a smile. Be cheerful. Always help others. Be humble. Make new friends. Be productive. Be very free. Love everyone including yourself. Pray always. Go out to the right places. Look Good Always. Talk sweetly to everyone. You never know who is watching. That guy might just be observing. He wants to be sure you have all it takes before he approaches you. But when you get all vexed and angry and you frown, you would scare him away and you will start asking God why.

And that girl might just be considering you as a potential date but when you act all messed up, you will scare her away and she would never accept you.

So singles, be happy. Don't be overly expectant. Rejoice with your friends that are in a relationship or are getting married. They would rejoice with you soon. No need for envy or jealousy.

Its okay to create fantasies and day dream of a perfect relationship but when you are through day dreaming, don't start crying or thinking because you think it will never happen. No, in due season it will happen. Why don't you get on your knees instead like a good Christian single and start praying for your partner wherever he or she is to be blessed by God. Pray for protection over him or her and ask God to lead you to him or her soon.

Tomorrow, I would give you tips on why some people might stay single for a long time. Before then, be a happy single! God bless you!


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