I slept really late last night because I decided to watch some movies on my laptop after blogging. Around after one, I checked my time table to know the class I would be having for the day and I was perplexed because I had an 8am class and I hadn't slept yet. Unknown to me, I actually had a 7am class which I didn't emphasize on my time table. I rushed to sleep immediately but obviously, we cant cheat nature and so, sleep didn't come immediately. So, I thought of so many things and when I checked my phone, it was already after 3am and I just had to force the sleep and when I least expected, I dozed off.

I woke up by 6:30am to the sound of my disturbing alarm that I set on my phone. I hadn't even slept up to 5 hours and so, I decided to sleep back. 10 minutes later, my alarm rang again. It was 6:40am and I just couldn't stand up. So, I dismissed it. But then, I woke up to reflex and when I checked my phone, it was 6:46am and I just couldn't help sleeping back. I needed to get ready for class and I also needed to do my morning devotion. Time was going already.

So, I rushed to brush my teeth and have my bath and that was when I realized that I had a 7am class. It was 7:26am and I was still applying brown powder. So, I called my cab driver to come pick me up. Perhaps, I could still meet up with the 7am class even if I would come late. However, my cab driver experienced hold - up at the school's gate and so, he showed up late and I was pretty vexed. The annoying thing was that I skipped breakfast and morning devotion. Lord, have mercy!

So, I got to my faculty and the class wasn't set yet. After some minutes of waiting at the Nescafé lounge, our lecturer, Mrs Habibat, came at last and we all rushed into the class. God, I was just anticipating the end of the class because I was feeling really sleepy and when the class came to an end, I was excited. I got to meet some friends and I kept asking peeps if I wore a tired or sleepy look and they all answered in the negative.

At last, I had my last class. The class has no fixed venue and so we had to hold it at our departmental library. I couldn't hold the sleep. I just had to doze off, coupled with the heat while I had my class boy disturbing me. He was the one who made me wake up. After waking up, I cleaned my face with my pancake's foam so that I could wipe off the sweat on my face and look fresh again.

I have to start sleeping early so that I don't sleep in class again. It was indeed a sleepy Tuesday for me.

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