Abigail walked briskly to the Church. She found a dark spot and sat down, her legs knitted together and her heart pounding loudly. There were still traces of blood on her hands and she rubbed them quickly on her skirt. She was sweating profusely and she could almost not think. Pictures and pictures of the murder scene kept coming back and she tried hard to shove it off but when she couldn't, she burst into tears. She was so confused and crying was the only way to free her mind.

She was still crying when someone called out her name. She panicked and cleaned her eyes and turned to see who it was. It was Chike, the Pastor's son. He wasn't smiling and this made her heart pound even faster. Did he know what happened? Questions upon questions kept flooding her mind and she could not think straight.

He began walking towards her and when he was almost close to her, she screamed


Wherever that came from, she didn't know. All she knew was that she felt very insecure and she saw everyone around her as an enemy now, even chike.

     'Abigail, what's going on?', he asked.

A Jolt of concern ran across his face. He wanted to reach out to her but she moved back. She swapped her hands around her body and shivered out of fear.

     'Talk to me, Abigail', he persuaded 'You know you can always talk to me'

He kept repeating those words and slowly walked up to her. She didn't move back and when he was just an inch away, she threw herself on him and hugged him tightly. Chike reciprocated the hug and kept patting her and assuring her that she was secure with him, Abigail couldn't hold back her tears any longer.

      'I killed a man, chike. I killed a man! I killed a man!', she kept saying as she held him.

Chike wasn't too sure she was saying the right thing. He withdrew and held her face to him and spoke to her calmly.

     'Abigail, I need you to calm down. You are not making any sense. You cannot kill someone. You cant even hurt a fly'

     'No No No, chike. I killed a man. Please understand me. He tried to rape me and I ran very fast but he caught up with me and threatened me with a knife. I don't know where the power came from but I pushed him, collected the knife and stabbed him continuously when he kissed me hard. Chike, he is dead. He is DEAD!!!'

Chike got the story more clearly now. He couldn't believe his eyes. Abigail was a girl he had been crushing on since they were kids and just last night, he had concluded in his heart to ask her out tomorrow at church. He always saw her as an angel. Now, he was mistaken. She was the devil himself!

      'Abigail, you are a murderer!', he shouted and shoved her hands off him. 'I trusted you. I liked you. I ... just forget it but read my lips, I will definitely tell pastor. I will!', he said and turned to leave.

He felt so bitter and tears rolled down his eyes. As he got to the door, Abigail called out his name. He didn't want to answer but he couldn't help it. Immediately he turned back, he felt something hit him hard - really hard on his chest. Blood flowed out of his mouth and chest. He reached out to what it was. It was a knife.

     'I didn't want to do this, chike but I cant let you tell pastor. I'm sorry', she said, walked up to him and pushed him to the ground.

Chike struggled hard but all he could manage to say was



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