In my first year in the university, I decided to visit all the visitable (permit that English word) places but I didn't get to visit everywhere anyway. One of the places I visited is the school's zoo. The zoo is one place I had always dreamed of visiting in my life as I had heard a lot of stories pertaining to it. For me, it was a dream come true. I went in company of my friend but we had a bit of misunderstanding and she had to turn back. So, I went inside alone but I was later accompanied by the zoo attendant.

It was much fun seeing all the animals I had only seen on TV. It was such an exciting moment and I could stand quite close to them (but not too close). But on getting to the lion's cage, I had to stand a great distance away. I was very scared. No one needed to announce to me that there was a lion in the cage. There is this presence they carry that is overly noticeable.

The Lion is referred to as the King of the Animals. The Lion didn't just get that title overnight. It didn't just get it for nothing. At least, there are some animals that are bigger than the lion in size such as the elephant. Some animals are even taller than the lion such as the hippopotamus but why then is the lion referred to as the king of the Jungle? We have to recognize that the lion is not fearless.

Wherever the lion goes, it carries its commanding presence along with it and this scares off other animals. Merely looking at its eyes, you would know that there is more to it. It has this fearless and ruthless vision. And one beautiful thing about the lion is whenever it wakes up in the morning, the first thing it does is to roar out loud to the hearing of everyone in that vicinity. Everyone would be aware that the king has risen and they take to their heels.

As Christians, we are lions because we serve the Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah! (Revelations 5 vs. 5) Isn't that a wonderful knowledge? Our God is the King of all creation. The child of a lion is not a dog. The child of a lion is not an ant. The child of a lion is a lion. So, if our God is the lion of the tribe of Judah, we are also lions of the tribe of Judah. We are therefore fearless.

To maintain such state, our prayer life as to be in key. We have to maintain a constant and consistent prayer life. Like I said earlier, when the lion wakes up, the first thing it does is to roar out loud, fearlessly and every thing takes to its heels. The same is applicable to us as Christians. The first thing we should do when we wake up is to pray fervently and strongly.

So many people make the mistake of fixing their prayer time at night only when the day is already over. The day begins in the morning and so should your prayers begin. The evil ones wake up early enough to send their demons into the air while you are still asleep and you now start wondering why things aren't working well for you. The first thing you must do when you wake up in the morning is to pray and commit your day into the Lord. You can just speak in tongues for an hour and I tell you God will go before you and everything will work in your favour.

You cannot be the son of a lion and be a coward. You cannot be the son of a lion and still be afraid of witches and wizards or demons. You cannot be the son of a lion and you are not enjoying God's Grace. You cannot be the son of a lion and companies are throwing back your CV. You cannot be the son of a lion and your health is deteriorating. You cannot be the son of a lion and you are failing academically. You cannot be the son of a lion and life begins tossing you anywhere. WHAT?! Don't you know who you are?

The Bible says in 1Peter 5 vs. 8 that the devil goes about LIKE a roaring lion. Notice the use of the similey 'LIKE'. The devil is NOT a lion. He only pretends to be a lion. He only acts as if he is one so he can scare those who have misplaced their identity. Jesus is the REAL Lion and He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah! Don't let the devil trample upon you. Don't let him deceive you or mess around with you. Don't let him devour you.

Get tired of your present situation and stand up to it like the lion you are! You cannot attack them physically if you haven't attacked them spiritually. You have to go to God in prayers. You have to pray without ceasing! Continuous prayer and speaking in tongues and groaning that cannot be uttered. When you pray, you send the devil and his demons packing and the presence of the Lord goes with you and fill your day! You just cannot be turned back. You take over!

Do you know who you are or you have lost your identity already? Have you being praying and waiting in God's presence or you have being playing? Take a cue from the Lion!

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