Hey Fam! Happy Friday! TGIF! You know that feeling you get when its Friday. I am even more excited because my Fridays are always class free so I can sleep all day, play all day, watch film all day, pray all day and blog all day! Am really excited I can at least breathe

Unlike other days, I woke up with the burning need in my heart to pray about a relationship decision I am about to take. Some weeks ago, some things happened that really broke my heart and I decided to just keep my heart clean for awhile but then, there is this guy that has been cutting eye for me since forever. I really do like him but then, like I always say when I am giving a relationship advice, never enter a relationship without consulting God first.

So, I have been praying about it and seeking God's reply or confirmation and do you know what? I am being very careful. One funny thing is that if you make your decision before asking God for His own decision, whatever you hear will favour the decision you have made. I don't think you understand what I just said. Let me do a bit of illustration.

      'Sister A is in love with Brother B. She has decided to go into a relationship with Brother B
       but to fulfil all righteousness, she decides to pray to God about it after taking her decision.

       God's decision might be for her not to go into the relationship but because her mind is clouded
       with love for Brother B, she will think God's decision is for her to go into the relationship'

Now, what's the problem here? Don't take a decision before asking God about His. Instead, wait on Him first and that goes to me also because I am the one about to take a decision...lol. I am praying about it and I know God will show His face in the situation very soon. It could be now. It could be in my dream. He could even tell it to me clearly. It could be in a vision. So, I will keep you guys posted, uhn.

Anyway, how is the weather at your end? The weather here seems normal but then, I am confused. I don't know if its cold or hot sef. But anyway, I am still on my bed right now because I have no class. Whoop! Whoop! And Happy Easter ooo!

Our King died and has resurrected! Glory to God! Hallelujah! HE LIVES!

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