One of the hardest thing I have not been able to do since I was much younger even till now is to take my stand in decisions, situations and matters. I am this very respectful person that tends to give honour to whom honour is due. Respect is reciprocal but even if I am not respected, as long as you are older in age or experience, I will always give you the honour you deserve. In so many ways it is a good thing and in so many ways, it has brought about a bit of demerits.

There is this one case that has been coming up and down because of my indecision. Today, I will say YES and tomorrow, I will say NO. Unknown to me, it broke some people's trust in me because they saw me as someone with many mouth but that was not the situation. The situation is that there are so many older people involved in this matter and if I will have to stand my ground, they will be affected and feel very bad and you know I wont like that.

It all started out last year when an issue came up and we were asked to do some marketing. Many people couldn't achieve that because the products we were asked to market were quite expensive to students on campus and all. Notwithstanding, we were asked to deliver the money for the sales and I was like

     'Nobody is even buying it. How would I then deliver money for it?

We were given deadlines and all and people started using their personal money to deliver but I was still optimistic that I would still sell mine because I have an edge when it comes to marketing and sales. Many people know me for that but this one was really difficult. I had to tell the owner dates upon dates when I would present the turnover but I never sold any of the products by then. At this time, almost everyone had presented their personal money as money for the products.

Then, we were asked to bring some people for the launching of the product and I volunteered to bring some important personnel from my school. I guess I made a big mistake. I should have just kept mute. I kept reminding these people and on the D - DAY, something came up and none of them showed up. AHA! And that was how I got the embarrassment of my life from the owner and all. Make I no lie, I almost cried because they assumed I was insincere and lied to them and this hurt me to my bone marrow. I don't like when people make wrong assumptions about me and when I tried to explain, it seemed like I was saying jargons.

However, I have always said I would leave that place and all but I always thought about what the owner would say. He will feel bad that I have gone and I didn't want that. But then, a lady said to me

     'Its your reputation first before any other thing'

I was still reluctant to leave until recently when I went there and the owner's wife trashed me with her words for not coming to the place on Sunday. They call it knocking but I took cognisance of each of her words such as

    'Don't come near me!'

    'Something is wrong with you!'

    'I hope you will be able to get that your inheritance back!'

    'Leave my front!'

This was just the bombshell and I realized I have been dulling myself all along. I respect this woman so much and I still gave her the honour due to her but with these words, its a good bye because no one can just stand to make me feel bad. I am what God says I am not what man says I am. In trying to please and respect others, we shouldn't push our feelings aside so that we can make others feel good while we are made to feel inferior. Any statement that God would never say to me is devoid of the word of God and as Christians, we should never accept such because our life is built by the words we confess and accept.

So, I have finally taken my stand and the new place I attend is such a great place and we are like a family. You can always make explanations for everything so people don't assume wrongly. This experience has taught me a lot of things. People wont appreciate you till you take the bold step by taking your stand.

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