My Dear Country People,

Welcome to the newest section on Emete's Mind Blog titled - 'THE COMMON PEOPLE BANTS'. This section would be written in pure pidgin English so that everyone in Nigeria - both learned and those that arent learned - can always relate because English na dem oyinbo language but pidgin na our own. So, we go talk all the talk for our own local lingua franca - Pidgin.

So, I know say some of una go dey ask

    'Which one be the common people bant again?'

I go tell una o. I just dey my bed dey think about how our country just dey go from worse to worse. See the present situation of things. No fuel, No light, Bad roads, people dey kill people and everything just dey scatter. I come dey ask my self

    'But pressy buhari talk say him dey bring change for us make everything better'

Naso my cab driver come tell me say

    'Emete, good change dey and bad change dey'

So I no want comment whether na good or bad change pressy buhari carry come give us. Make we judge by ourselves. And I dey pray say even as we start dis section and our country people read am, we go all stand up to face the real truth. Dem tell us say dem dey fight corruption when demselves dey corrupt. Who dem wan dey whyne? Abeegi! We go open deir yansh for dis section o. No hiding nothing. Talk your mind and lets be the positive change Nigeria dey find.

Tomorrow, we go start dis section proper!

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Soon, 'THE COMMON PEOPLE BANTS' go enter audio level so we go dey hear am as we dey read am!

My people, dem don push us too much. Time to stand up!


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