Nigerians, I hail O!

Yesterday, we yarn about the no corruption policy wey pressy buhari dey do. And we conclude say we no get problem with that one but our own be say make he use the money wey he recover to do better thing for Nigeria and Nigerians. At least, make we feel the impact of a democratic government.

Today, we wan yarn about the insecurity issue in Nigeria. One of the points dem use attack bros jona government na the issue of insecurity. Okay o. We know say bros jona no too do well concerning that issue. In fact, he waste too much time before he begin dey face security after too many death and the one wey pain pass na when dem carry our chibok girls waka and up till this moment, we never see their brakelight.

So, wetin pressy buhari dey do about all these things. I know say he dey go meetings. I know say he don deploy soldiers enter north to dey fight but I get small problem with dem. Dem dey lie to us many times and na the same thing bros jona do during his own time. That time, them go dey tell us say dem don kill shekau so that we fit raise our hope. No dey raise our hope anyhow. Tell us wetin dey on ground so that we go sabi how to hold body.

Early this year, I dey watch for Channels TV how dem dey tell us say dem don defeat boko haram already. I no understand government definition of defeat because when I read my Bible, david defeated goliath and goliath died and never resurrected to disturb david or the Israelites again. But government tell us say dem don defeat boko haram and months after, boko haram still dey cause nuisance for the north. Abeg, what is your definition of defeat?

And I dey worried because so many Nigerians dey loose their lives and properties for the North. The fact say dem no reach our side no mean say we no dey affected. The news of bombings dey affect us and even though we no dey there, we dey afraid because we no know wetin fit happen. Pressy Buhari just dey travel out anyhow...I no know whether na to attend meeting or to treat hin body. But what of people wey no fit travel out comot for north?

Our Chibok Girls nko? Government tell us the truth o. Are they still alive? If they are, where are they and wetin you dey do to get dem back? You no fit understand wetin dem dey go through because no be you and your pikin no dey among. I know say you dey try but dey give us the correct info too. That's how you tell us in February say boko haram no dey hold any territory and na lie. Na because news no carry am. Dem still dey hold territories and you go dey lie to us. Please do something o and revive the 'bring back our girls' mission. Nigerian Government na their hope o.

Lastly, as you dey tackle corrupt politicians like sambo dasuki, abeg no tackle only those from the former administration. Open the yansh of your party too so that we go know say all the tackling no be revenge mission but na genuine anti - corruption fight.



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