My dear country people, how we dey?

So when Pressy Buhari wan enter office, him promise us say he dey bring change come. We no know whether na positive or negative change. Some of una vote him while some no vote him while the rest of us no bother voting. But as hin enter, he talk say hin government go dey fight corruption. Dem big people talk say na corruption wey be the ogbonge wahala Nigeria get. Okay. We no talk anything. We say we go allow him fight corruption. Me just dey my own side dey observe.

But it come enter one level wey I come start to dey vex. I no even wan yarn about the issues wey dey on ground now but I wan ask pressy buhari one question wey I know say most of una go wan ask am if you get the opportunity to.

   'Pressy Buhari, all the money wey you don sieze from all those PDP people wey you talk say corrupt. Abeg wetin you wan use dem do now dat you don get dem back?'

If you read that question wella, you go know say no be small question. The question dey deep! And na dis same question I carry give my cab driver when we dey discuss. I no talk say pressy dey do bad thing o. No No No. He dey try but abeg, where all those money dey go now? Shey you wan use am build the country or you wan use am chop too? Because I know say when una leave too, if the next government decide to probe into your own government on the issue of corruption, dey too go find say una sef carry small money chop.

Oga Pressy, we know say some of your cabinet people go wan carry small money put for pocket even though na corruption too. But we want you, oga sir. Abeg, if you fit regain 100 trillion naira from corrupt politians, dat one no be our headache. Our headache be say make you carry am do better thing for the common people of this country. Na beg we dey beg so. People dey suffer. Too many Nigerians dey suffer even as dis weather come dey very hot like say we offend nature. Please, just alleviate the suffering.

Make una do round table meeting. Make una have your people at heart as una go dey discuss. No conclude on thing wey go satisfy you but on thing wey go satisfy your people. We talk say dis na democratic government but una government never still be of the people. Biko, have us in mind. We go dey pray for una o.

We are still banting till everything becomes right.


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