My Dear Country People, how market?

Today, I stumbled on one of Naija's Notable Newspapers - The Punch and one of the articles carry one ogbonge catchy headline like this. Anyway, Baba Fayose wey be governor of Ekiti State talk say no chibok girl was ever missing. AHA! So, wetin be all the parapara about all these while? My mouth don almost drop as I dey read am. How person go talk say no chibok girl dey missing? So you wan dey tell me say government just wake up one morning to dey talk false news? You wan tell me say na false alarm?

First of all, bros fayose, you be PDP man. I no like you to dey confused. It no too good. Bros Jona, during his regime, confirmed say indeed over 200 girls were abducted by Boko Haram and he don dey plan as he go rescue them, thereby saving the hearts of their parents. Aside from that, television carry the news and we even see as their parents dey take struggle for appointment to meet bros jona at aso rock so dem fit cry for hin head.

Different campaign group dey campaign for the 'bring back our girls movement'. How you go come wake up one Wednesday morning to announce on national paper say no girls were abducted. Wait o. You dey joke or wetin or shey punch newspaper mis - yarn? You come talk say the opponent of PDP just yarn am so as to bring down bros jona government which they succeeded in doing.

You also talk say all the people wey dey campaign just use am to attract government attention so dem fit secure political office. You talk say women too join to shout about the 'bring back our girls' tingy all in a bid to secure government and political office. You come end am with a bombshell say make women leave politics to dey loyal to their husbands instead. Bros Fayose, REALLY? You no talk well at all.

I no wan conclude on whether the abducted girls story na framed up work yet. Because if na framed up work, it mean say the women wey dem show on tv were paid to pretend and the girls wey dem show as chibok girls were dashed 200naira box to pose as refuges. It mean say CNN too lie because dem carry am. It means all media houses lied. It means bros jona lied because he too concurred and it means you lied because you were a part of bros jona government.

Make I give you small word of advise. If you wan attack APC ehn, go think wella so you no go indirectly attack your party and person with the thoughts say you dey attack APC. And instead of attacking, please think of how to better the welfare of Ekiti people and the common people of Nigeria. All those yarn no concern us o. We need food and water, good roads and good electricity, good economy and secured security. Na beg we dey beg you o because you dey your own mansion with A.C and you dey mis - yarn. Abeg o



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