So many things have happened in the last 24 hours and I went to class for the first time since I resumed for the semester. Actually, classes started on Monday and I couldn't go for the 7am class. 7am is just too early! Anyway, I woke up just early enough to attend but I wasn't sure if the class would hold so, I slept back. That sleep is all I craved for.

But then, at night, my hostel's generator was put on and the light didn't come on. This is the first time this is happening since I came to this hostel. Very few rooms have light but so many other rooms, mine inclusive, do not have light and this made me feel so bad. The school has been having a little problem that encompasses Electricity too and this has affected a lot of things. I think a protest had start soon. We seriously need that because that is the only thing that reminds the school management that they are housing students not chickens.

And then, I went to report to 'grandma', our porter for the night and she wrote my room number down and told me she will inform the electrician but hey, right now, the situation is the same. The generator is on and there is no light in my room! Seriouslee...! So many times when things like this happen, am always forced to bring back into memory the amount I paid for this private hostel. Am not trying to make mouth but 90,000 Naira is not beans considering the situation of the country. And yes, there are some other peeps that are staying in even more comfortable room and paid 120,000 Naira and are facing this same situation. This is quite pathetic.

Yet I am very grateful to God that even in this bad situation, the sockets in my room are working perfectly well. So many rooms that don't have light do not also have their sockets working and the surprising thing is that some rooms that have light do not even have their sockets working even with the lights on! They have to mete out ways to charge their phones and laptops and table fans. I feel their pain because it can be a frustrating moment. This has made me realize the saying that 'half bread is absolutely better than none'.

And trust me to connect my every situation to the God - Factor. There are so many Christians that love to complain about every situation they find themselves in.

     'Oh, my neighbour has just got her fifth car and am still riding an old car I bought in 1998'

     'Oh, we have always wanted to put interlocking tiles in our compound but God has refused to bless us enough for us to buy them'

     'Oh, my mate just got married and my fiancĂ© is not even talking about our future together'

     'Oh this...Oh that'

But then, they forget to thank God for the ones He has provided. If you don't know how to thank God for little, He would not bless you with greater things. You just see the outside but you don't know what those who have are passing through. You don't know if that woman that just got her 5th car is battling with a bad child schooling abroad who is about to get rusticated. You don't know if that person who has his house like a paradise is battling with a severe health condition and you don't know if that person that just recently got married is going to be happy in her marriage.

In everything, give thanks and keep thanking Him sincerely till when he provides more. Delay is not denial. The time you expect God to intervene and He didn't intervene, doesn't mean He didn't come at the right time because whenever God comes into a matter or situation, its because that is the right time and God's time is always the right time. The story of Lazarus is a good example.

So, thank God for the moment like I am thanking Him!

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