Taking cognisance of the adage that says

    'Be careful of the people you listen to'

made me realize that not every advice that comes from a friend should be taken very serious. I was speaking to a friend recently and we were just joking around and then he popped in an advice that took me aback.

First of all, I never expected such an advice from somebody I respect so much and secondly, I never imagined that some people still had that kind of mind set. I know so many of you are already asking

    'what advice did he give you?'

I will tell you in a bit. So, I sent my blog's link to him and told him to check it out. Minuites passed and i asked him if he had checked it already and it was in the negative. I asked him why and he said

     'Quit Blogging and Go read your Books!'

And I was seriously taken aback! Then he told me I had just three articles on my blog. And am like 'REALLY?'. First of all, this blog is barely two months old and I have over 100 posts on it already and this blog has over 1,000 viewers already and even though it hasnt started getting comments on all posts consistently, it has gotten comments on some of its posts and so many people commend it on facebook, instagram and send me personal messages. I have been able to stay innovative and consistent over the weeks and to the Glory of God, this blog has achieved a lot in such a short time!

I didnt have time to explain all these to him and I know he is reading this post already. I just told him

     'I dont need you to believe in me because i already believe in myself'

That was all I needed to send his brain waves packing!

This applies to so many people out there. So many people have gotten frustrated or depressed because of advice from friends like

     'Dont waste your time. Your business cannot be successful!'

Says who? Dem be God? It doesnt matter how long you do it. Keep doing it till you achieve results! Linda blogged for four years before she became popular. The same goes with BellaNaija and SisiYemmie.

Like I always say, no one will drive you till you drive yourself. Find Purpose and keep at it. One day, food go full table!

And as for my friend, I still love you though. I know you later said you were joking but in every joke, there is an element of truth. We would both get there!

So fam, stay on my blog, stay positive and enjoy the subsequent posts on Saturday Special.

Lots of Love!


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