Ladies in the house, how far? How are we? And don't tell me you are pushing it. We are not to push, we are to over take!

So, its still this relationship tingy. Some of una don dey with that bros since his grass to grace story. Some of una don tey with am for over 6 years and bros is not even showing yellow light not to talk of green light and you are worried already. But you know girls are strong. So, you don't want to show him how worried you are.

You are matured, done with school and you think you are ready to become a fiancée or tie the knot. Your friends are already posting pictures of their wedding and sending you IVs but you are still in the girlfriend zone. Before you get uptight, let me give you few tips on what you should do when he hasn't proposed.


My dear, there is nothing wrong in talking to him about it o. There is the need for effective communication in the relationship. If you are afraid to talk to him about it, what will now happen if you guys marry? You will start keeping secrets and its not healthy for your relationship. So, talk to him about it. You could chip it in as a joke and from there, elongate the matter and hear him out.


There is a high possibility that he thinks he is not ready for marriage or the responsibility of proposing. There is almost nothing you can do about it when a man has made up his heart that he is not ready for something. Guys don't like to be controlled. They like to be in control. So, the best you can do is encourage him in all ramifications and don't play 'dissatisfied' with him. If he cant afford to buy all those fancy things your friend's fiancé is getting her, don't get angry. Be excited and satisfied with him and he will begin to have a rethought. Always encourage him.


Let me tell you the truth, some guys have comma o. I should be absolutely frank with you. At times, the reason he hasn't proposed might be because he likes someone else. I am not saying that is the reason o. I am not telling you to get jealous and accuse him. But before you take the next step, be sure he is sticking absolutely with you. Be sure his love isn't tilted towards someone else so that you don't waste your time daydreaming of someone who is daydreaming of someone else.


Pressuring him is the wrongest step to take and most ladies fall into this trap. I know you might be frustrated already but you don't need to put him under pressure. He might want to take his time and it might just be your fate. Don't rush into marriage because your mates are rushing into it. Let him take his time. Don't be asking him every second

    'when will you propose?'

Nah. The guy go get tired o. Concentrate more on how he is doing and faring and how to make the relationship better and palatable for a transition into the couple age.


Jokes apart. Many times, you might just be the problem. The guy may love you so much but there might just be something wrong with you. You might be over doing things or under doing things. Check yourself well. Check your relationship with his family. How do you interact with them? Check your maturity level. Properly check yourself for faults and if possible, ask him about it. Make room for communication!


As sad as it sounds, you might just have to board another ship because the present ship has lost direction. There are some guys that are kids and not until they are 35 will they realize your value. If you think you have waited too long and he doesn't like you bringing up the question as a form of joke or anything, then you might just have to move on. Its heart-breaking but the earlier the better.


If your Mr Right hasn't proposed, aside from these 6 steps, make sure you don't over stretch things. Don't take the wrong measures and don't take advice from wrong friends. Prayer could change things. Commit him unto the Lord. The heart of a king is in the hands of God. Don't decide to start having sex to please him. Don't decide to get pregnant for him. Don't play games with him. And like I said, if things aren't working, you might just have to move on!

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