Guys in the House shout Hallelujah oooooooo!!!

I know we not in Church but still if you know you are excited to get the best knowledge of when you should propose to your 'her', shout a big Hallelujah!!!

So, how far nao? How market? How is our 'sister in the Lord' doing? And how is the economy doing? Just know that no matter the story, we would have glory for lines are falling unto us in pleasant places.

So, I just dey think recently o. I hear say una guys don vex o. Una don dey tired of hearing the same question over and over again from your momcy or sister

     'when will you marry?'

In fact, I get una plenty for my side and I dey always throw way that question at them.

     'When will you propose?'

You have to firstly realize that no one is getting younger and so, your age is a determinant factor. If you are still below 25, you can decide to play but when you don dey clock 26, 28, 31, 34, AHA! Bros, time don dey go niyen o and you cant keep her waiting for too long. Even if marriage isn't in your agenda, at least give her hope by proposing. Let her know the direction of the relationship. However, many of you don't know when to propose. It takes you to a state of confusion. Let me give you a little tip.

1. Propose when you have been spiritually satisfied that she is the one

Yes, spirituality comes first o. I am very sure you don't wanna marry someone who doesn't know God. You don't wanna marry someone who isn't God's perfect will for your life. You don't want to marry someone who is possessed. Yes, these things are real o. Some girls aren't as alright as they appear to be. So, you have to pray to God. If possible, fast because this is a life decision. Inform your pastor about it and let him join you to pray. Once you receive a confirmation, what are you waiting for? PROPOSE!

2. Propose when you are financially balanced

However, so many guys make the mistake of waiting till they have a Ferrari and a mansion before they propose. Its not right. Don't keep Mrs Right waiting. Once you have enough money to feed yourself or let me put it this way, as long as you are financially independent, what is stopping you? PROPOSE! There is a high possibility that before you guys tie the knot, you could have been very well placed financially.

3. Propose if you love her

Love is the most important factor o. If you don't love her, why waste a ring on her finger? But if you love her, why don't you go ahead already? You don't need to date her for 10 years to be sure of your love for her. I have seen people date for just 6 months and they get married. It all depends on you. But once the love factor is there, please PROPOSE!

4. Propose if she is matured

Maturity is very essential. Don't marry a baby. Don't make that mistake. Marriage is a life time thing so take your time. You might be asking

    'How do I know she is matured?'

Well, you will know on the next 'TO THE GUYS' post. So, consider her maturity in everything and her mind set, the way she sees life. If she handles things maturely, there is a high possibility that she will be matured even as a wife. So, don't miss this opportunity. PROPOSE!

5. Propose when you are ready

Yes, been ready is as well very important. When I say 'when you are ready', I don't mean when you are ready to marry. Propose when you are ready to start taking the responsibility of a family man. When you propose, she automatically becomes your fiancée and you will have to change so many things. You will have to call more, visit more, go out more, depending on both of you - spend more etc. So, once you are ready, PROPOSE!

N.B - One of the fears guys have is the fear of whether she will say 'yes' or 'no'. That is absolutely not your problem. As long as you have ticked the 5 points above as right, just go ahead and propose and trust me, there is a high probability that she would accept. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and PROPOSE!

Operation waste no wife - material's time in 2016!

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