Okay. I am Emete and so, I have decided to share with the best readers in the world some things they don't know about me.

1. I LOVE DANCING - Many people don't know this about me but I really love dancing. When I was much younger, I always wanted to form a dancing crew but I guess as I grew quite rotund, I lost interest but still, at every opportunity, I dance.

2. I LOVE SINGING - Lol, it seems like am just saying my hobbies abi? But really, I love singing and I sing when I wanna express myself to myself. I sing at every little chance I get.

3. I LOVE COOKING BUT I HATE DOING THE DISHES AFTER - I love cooking o but I don't cook often and worst still, the sight of the plate I used or the pots scare me. I hate doing the dishes after. I am quite lazy about that.

4. I GET IRRITATED EASILY - I don't know why but I know God is working on me on that aspect. Little things irritate me. Its not good, I know.

5. I LIKE SUGARY THINGS - Yorubas will call it 'ijekuje'. I really love sugary things or sweet things like chocolate, ice cream, I can include pizza, chicken and chips, shawarma etc. May God deliver me sha.

6. I LOVE SCIENCE - I really wish to be involved in science but for the fact that I am very bad in mathematics, its just a dream. I love science and I love to read about science. I love to read my friends science textbooks and they just sit and wonder. I really love science.

7. I GET TIRED EASILY - Wheew! I don't know why but I get tired easily. The only remedy is when I eat. The strength comes back!

8. I AM A FOODIE - Lord Jesus, I love to eat! If you know me, you should know this. This accounts for my chubby cheeks. I love to eat and eat and eat anything eatable.

9. I LOVE BEING ALONE - Chai, nothing makes me happier than being alone all to myself. Infact, I am always happy whenever my room mate travels. It gives me great joy. The thing now is that friends like visiting me and me I don't like it and I don't know how to tell them so I don't sound rude. I sha like to be alone. I enjoy my own company.

10. I LOVE TO APPEAR STRONG - There are many times I pass through a lot and I don't like people discovering. I love to appear strong - a conqueror. I hate pity from others. I detest it.

11. I LOVE TO PUT OTHERS FIRST - If you are a good EMB reader, you should know this by now. I love putting others before myself. I think of others before me but I think I have changed sha.

12. I LOVE GOD - I really love God and I love to communicate with Him. I love God more than anything else.

13. I LOVE GAMES - When I was doing Cambridge, I was nominated as the best game player in my room. I can play games for Africa. Just leave me with a game, I will stay indoors for a month. I am almost a game addict but thank God I have no game on my phone right now.

14. I LOVE BUSINESS - Nna, I am business minded. Nothing makes me happier than hearing business ideas or seeing people doing business. I love business and if you don't know, I am a business girl o.

15. I LOVE TO IMAGINE - Seriously, I imagine a lot and this makes me smile. I think too but I imagine more and this keeps my company a lot.

16. I ENJOY THE COMPANY OF GUYS TO GIRLS - Uhm, yes I do. I enjoy guys company more than anything. Girls bore me because all they is gossip or tease or get jealous or nothing else. But guys, they are top notch to me. No strings attached.

17. I PREFER PIDGIN TO NORMAL ENGLISH - I flow well in pidgin than normal English. But many people see me as one tush person. Its only if I see you as my 'personal person', that's when our entire conversation will be 'pidginized'

18. I LOVE WEDDINGS - Chai, I cant get over talking about weddings ehn. My friends are tired already sef. I am always imagining and talking about weddings. I just love the concept.

19. I AM FUNNY - Yes, I don't need you to believe that till we talk. I am absolutely fun to be with as long as I am not tired, sleepy, hungry or worried. I also love funny people.

20. I AM DIFFERENT - Is it only me but I just know I am sooooo different from every other creature on planet earth. I just sometimes wish some people were just like me but then, we are unique and distinct in our own way.

So, these are the 20 things o. Others include - I could be shy at times, I love public speaking, I love style, I love people, I love kids.

What about you?

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