This is no joke and I didnt use the above headline to scare you guys. Following the on - going strike in my school today, I left for home o and I stopped at Mountain of Fire University at the Lagos/Ibadan expresway to see someone. However, the person called to tell me she is at the Mountain of Fire camp ground itself not the university (Mountain Top University).

So, I boarded a bike to the place. I gave my load to the hausa guy who was the bike man to keep in front of him and he asked

    'Hope no be bomb wey dey inside o?'

I became scared and he began to laugh. Like really? Then I said,

    'How I go carry bomb?'

He began laughing and he replied,

    'I dey play'

It wasnt funny. So I asked

    'Abi you wan go bomb somewhere?'

He didnt reply and his countenance changed. His face became very suspicious and he laughed continuously until he dropped me at the Mountain of Fire Camp ground. I dont know the motive of that guy but all I know is that not every hausa that was decamped to Lagos and Lagos/Ibadan expressway are genuine. If you pass Lagos/Ibadan expressway, you will see sooooo many hausas and huts and places and I dont think the government is sending out soldiers to check the activities in those places.

Boko Haram didnt start bombing Bornu in one day. They first camped and disguised like normal people while the government overlooked them until they decided to start bombing. Please and please, the state (Lagos and Ogun state governors) and the federal government should look into these places. Thousands of people live on the Lagos/Ibadan expressway. Their lives are very important.

People should be aware and all those who live on Lagos/Ibadan Expressway like Mowe/Ibafo, Shasha, Arepo, Sparklight , Opic etc. should be very careful. May God help us all and expose the devises of the devil and his kids. God alone will protect us. AMEN!

Please share this post and save lives. By sharing, it could get to a government official and even the president himself so that they can get alerted. GOD HELP US ALL!

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Ikanna Samuel said...

Nothing shall by any means hurt you, you of the Lord, He watches over you

Emete Smart said...

Amen. Thanks a lot dear! @ikanna samuel