Dear Joseph,

Good Friends are very hard to come by. Just Good Friends? Well, Good People are hard to come by because it is from the species of Good People that one would meet a Good Husband and a Good Friend. A Good Friend Loves you for who you are. A Good Friend ignores all your flaws and loves you anyway. A Good Friend believes absolutely in you. A Good Friend corrects you out of love. A Good Friend is always there to fight for you and support you. A Good friend is always there to give you godly advise. A Good Friend is always available to lean on and laugh with. A Good Friend Prays for you.

The funny thing is that one might not always like or appreciate a Good Friend immediately because they always stand out. They are different. They are unique. They are not just your everyday kind of person. They Love you so intensely and it leaves you wondering. They always spill their hearts to you and would never gossip about you or backbite. They are absolutely honest and loving. If you ever find a good friend, hold unto them tightly because it may take you several years to get someone like them. And in most cases, you might never get someone like them again.

Today, I write to appreciate a Good Friend of mine. He is not just Good. He is also True. He has shown me what it means to be a Good and True Friend. He has taught me the right things and shown me what it means to Love someone with the Love of Christ without wanting any thing in return. All my life, I have never found anyone like this person. The next person I will find that would be Good and True would be my Husband. But as of now, he is indeed a great fellow.

I want to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I wanna apologize for not appreciating you in the first instance. I wanna apologize for almost giving up on you when you never even gave up on me. I realize I am but a human but you have given my insight of life a  meaning. God will bless you and I will keep on praying for you and this night, I will pray to God for you specially and every of you heart desires, God will grant you. You have given me the best birthday gift ever! I appreciate you! Always know I am praying for you.

Your Good Friend,


Emete Smart

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