I can remember vividly in 2014 when my department in the university organized a variety night. Many people were busy doing different things but since I had nothing to do, I just sat down alone awaiting the start of the program. As I sat, I noticed a guy starring at me. Later on, he walked up to me

    'Hey Girl, what's up?’ he asked

       'I'm good', I replied

       'Why are you sitted all alone? I mean you are a very beautiful girl and you should be with your friends or with a guy. You seem lonely'

The word 'lonely' struck me and from that time, I became self - conscious. I always wanted to be in the midst of my friends or with a guy. Whenever I wasn't with them, I felt lonely indeed.

Many people are scared to be alone. They are scared to eat alone in a public eatery, sit alone, see a movie alone or walk alone because they have been rubbed off with the mind-set that a person seen alone is assuredly a lonely person. This is an absolutely bizarre mind-set because you can be alone and enjoy your own company, think independently, build on your individuality and never be lonely. The major reason why people get so lonely is because they are too used to the company of others and due to the neglect of their own private self, they get lonely at any second whenever they are alone.

You have to kill the mentality that someone else can make you feel alive. You can be alone but never lonely. Learn to enjoy your own company. Like the saying that goes thus

    'If you walk with the crowd, you will walk slower but if you walk alone, you will walk faster'

Be yourself always. In the Bible, we could see many instances where Jesus was alone. He utilised such moments to pray and do important things. He was alone sitted at the well when he met the Samaritan woman.

A great advantage of being alone is that it helps you to utilise opportunities. Many good and important connections I have established were built when I was alone. I was able to figure out that this or that person would be useful to my life. If you are alone, it’s easy to get noticed than if you are amidst the crowd.

Being alone is an asset and it doesn't mean you are lonely. Enjoy your own company!

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