Whatever the reason, I sent this question to almost all my whatsapp friends and I got series of funny replies. I agreed with some, SMHed for some and totally disagreed with some others. Let me share some of the replies with you -

Mary Jane Says 

Uhm...appropriate?...I dont know sha. But its definitely not her duty

Lorenzo Says

Nope. Its wrong. But there's an exception, if the relationship is going to the next level in a short period then she can, just once or twice so that the boy can know what he's about to go into if she's a good cook or not. But if its just a boyfriend and GF issue...if she decides to turn herself into his chief cook...she's on her own. After dumping her, she will realize she has only succeeded in rendering free home service.

Orexy Says

Yea...its appropriate kinda. But if you know the man you are gonna marry, then its your duty.

Ayomikun Says

Of Course na. Its called ... L O V E

RickyStone Says

There's no rule or law about it. You can cook for whomever you want to cook for. You can even cook for your enemy if you choose. Therefore if you have any love for your boyfriend, you can always cook for him...because girls are usually better cooks than guys.

Igbagbo Says

Duty never. Its just appropriate.

Bolaji Says

As a guy, personally, I wont ask my gf to cook for me. I'll leave it to her to make a choice and if she does, its all well and good and if she doesnt, I will still eat somehow like I have been eating before we started the relationship. Really I wont ask her to do anything. I feel uncomfortable asking for things like 'would you cook, wash, clean or other stuff' like that. Its not her duty, but if she does it, I appreciate her for it.

Bolanle Says

Yes of course. Except the lady doesnt know how to cook. You can send someone like that to me. I will teach her how to cook.

Jesuye Says

Is she his wife? Capital NO

Deborah Says

Noooooooo. I really do not buy the idea, most especially when the guy now thinks its a normal thing. Like when he calls and tells you he needs you to cook for him. If it becomes everytime then that means you will soon move in with him. But I really think its like you're selling your pride to him. You are not his wife. Its not her duty o. Its absurd.  

Kelvin Says

(He wrote a very looooong reply. The summary is this) A big fat YES! This so that you dont loose your boyfriend to other girls that are willing to cook for him.

Ugochukwu Says

Cooking is an act. And its nothing special. So if its OK by both parties then its no problem.

Sodiq Says

Its not her duty na...But the girl can do it at her free will...So its appropriate if its based on her free will but its absolutely wrong if she is forced to.

Daniel Says

Yea but not her duty.

The replies are still long o but I just have to shorten it. Well to me, its not bad for her to cook for her 'boyfriend' if she wants to ni o but its NOT her duty. There is no 'appropriateness or inappropriateness' stuck to it. It only depends on if she wants to but shouldnt make it an everyday thing because she isnt married to him. She will look like some house help or house wife like one of my friends put it. But based on mutual understanding, if there is a reason to it that needs her to cook frequently, then why not?

I've heard of blossoming love relationships whereby the girl had to invest a lot into the guy (cooking included). This could be because the guy is poor or something. However the case maybe, appreciate your woman if she cooks for you and if she doesnt, appreciate her still. *winks*

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