Every Loyal EMB reader knows that the first dish served on EMB everyday is a post on my personal experience and the last dish is always Bible Study. Now, I always write about everything that happened to me for the day on my personal experience post which I am doing right now. Na so my some people don turn am to another thing

Some days ago, I uploaded a post about the worst advise I ever was on our SATURDAY SPECIAL edition and I spoke about how my friend was tryna make me feel bad and blah blah blah. That's how this dude took it personal and sent me a message on whatsapp that I called him a dream killer! AHA! Le nu te mi? Mi to be o!

Na beg I dey use beg you o. That wasn't my point of view o. So, I spoke to him at length yesterday and I had to seriously explain and apologize to him. Do you know what he now said? He said he knows that I will still go on my blog to write about the call we had yesterday and that is what I am doing right You are amazeballs! Anyway, his birthday was on March 31st! Happy Birthday to you, the Google Millionaire...he alone understands that.

I though that was enough o. That's how another friend of mine chatted me up on whatsapp again. So, we were discussing and this guy can tease for Africa. EH!!!! Baba nla Teaser! So, while chatting, he just popped up the bombshell. He talk say he knows that I could write about all we are discussing on my blog. Ahan! And I was like - 'Maka why?'

He said that's what I do whenever I write on my personal experience. Lol. Anyway, that's what I am doing right now but its not exactly how you guys see it o. Its just me sharing my experience with the world. This aint no gossip blog o...biko nu o.

And dear EMBs, my birthday is coming up ooooo! WHOOP! WHOOP! Its in two days time and I am personally elated. Cant wait to collect gifts yafun yafun. The theme of my birthday is - ITS ALL FOR GOD. This year has been the roughest year of my life and I cant place why but I know there is always a purpose for everything and God is using it to teach me so many lessons. So, I will be thanking Him specially the night before my birthday into my birthday. You can join me too...I don't mind.

So, my darlings. Have fun!

More posts in a bit!


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