Okay. I had a great day today. Calls kept coming in, messages and all and I am very grateful. God bless you all!

I wanna thank everyone that wished me happy birthday today


Segun is a 200 level student in my department and we have known ourselves for a year now and he's one of my favourite junior. Surprisingly, he was the first person to call me today exactly 00:01am. I really do appreciate you, dear.


I met this angel just yesterday night and she's surprisingly an amazing person! She wished me happy birthday and even saw me later today and came to greet me. God bless her soul!


This guy is a funny dude and I met him in the night when he came to look for his classmate who stays in my hostel and we've been great friends since then. He wished me happy birthday and kept the calls coming in. God bless him much much!


His real name is sunday but we call him emeritus. We met accidentally and we have become close pals. It was quite hard bonding at first but now, after establishing understanding, we are now great friends. He wished me happy birthday too and am grateful!


She is my former roommate and is one lady with the best heart in the world! She didn't fail to remember my birthday and I am grateful! When she saw me later today, she screamed out my name and I was blushing. Thanks babe!


This guy is a number one sly - vester but I still love him anyway...with the love of Christ ni o. He not only wished me happy birthday but he also came to my faculty to wish me happy birthday. Tnx, boss of life!


She is a great Christian lady with a rare heart and came into my room to wish me happy birthday. She is one lady that has been much concerned about my spiritual life. God bless her beautiful soul!


She is the momcy of our sisters fellowship in my hostel and she gave my name to be announced in the church. She kept wishing me happy birthday and even when she saw me earlier today, she screamed my name from her window. I am forever grateful!


This is one great guy with a great heart too. He was once my sweet crush but now...#lips sealed. He called me not too long and wished me happy birthday. Thanks, dear.


Awwwn, my very handsome friend. He wished me happy birthday and I am so grateful! Tnx boo mi!


Though I am very angry with him but yet, I am happy he at least sent me a happy birthday message on Facebook even though I expected more. Tnx dearie.


This babe is awesomely awesome! She not only wished me happy birthday, she also gave me a gift that I really need right now. She alone understands. Tnx a lot, yellow sisi.

13. JUDE

This is one awesome guy and he sang a nice birthday song for me. Thanks a lot, baby. I appreciate much much! God bless you!, Judicious Jude.

14. SEYI

She's my former roommate and an awesome lady. She left my room not too long and decided to spend time with me because today is my day. I appreciate her a lot. God bless you, dear.


He is our first EMB Reader and was featured on Emete's Mind Blog Saturday Special Edition and I saw him today. WHOOP! WHOOP! He said he could have called me but some things came up. Thanks for spending time with me, dear.

16. TEMI

She's a great friend and she has been with me since our 100 level days. She was the first to wish me happy birthday in my room and I am very grateful for that. Thanks babe!

17. TAYO

He's a graduate now and since I have known him, he never failed to wish me happy birthday even on our departmental group page. Thanks a lot dear. God bless you much much!


I met him a day after I had a heart break...*winks*...its not what you are thinking o and he's been a great friend. He's a great artiste and OMG, he has the cutest dimple in the world! He called me today to wish me happy birthday. Thanks a lot, dear!


He's a great photographer in UI and even though we used to see ourselves before, I wasn't always giving him face. I used to form for him of ignorance indeed and now, we have suddenly turned out to be best of friends. He wished me happy birthday and I am so grateful. Thanks a lot dear!

20. OZEMONU!!!

This is one awesome guy and I am forever grateful I met him! He wished me happy birthday and kept calling me. I am yet to call him back but he is such an awesome person! God bless Him!

So, these are the 20 people I could acknowledge out of the over 100 people that wished me happy birthday...I sight you all and I wish I could pen all your names down. God bless you all and I pray God grants all your heart desires in Jesus Name. I love you all much much!



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