Last time, I gisted you guys about one lucrative business you all can venture into – Marketing. If you haven’t read it yet, you just have to do that now. That might just be your calling...*winks* Today, another nice business you can go into if you aren’t into marketing is

1.  Food Services

Now wollup guys! Don’t think


     ‘Well, this is a girl thing’


No business is gender defined when money (owo, ego) is involved. I will give you detailed info about the business, how to package it for success and how to work it out. Trust me never to disappoint...*winks*


Now there are many of y’all that cook well...mostly the ladies but then, the greatest chefs in the world are men. Ladies, what’s happening? Well that gives you guys an insight that cooking is no girl thing alone. So, up your game soonest!


Now, you don’t have to be the ‘baddest chef’ in town to go into food services. Like I always say


      ‘Good Business sense equals Good Success’


It’s all about your business sense which is equivalent to packaging. Now, don’t forget to make up a business name for your food company. Yaas, it’s a company already. When you are buoyant enough, do register it. After that, get a business card if you are boxed up. If not, mouth ad is the way.


Now, your target market can be your friends for now. As a lady, you might be very good in preparing the Nigerian Jollof. In fact, you get all sort of compliment and you just can’t get enough of it. You also make nice moin – moin and dodo (fried plantain). So why are you broke?


Call your friends and tell them now that


     ‘Sup guys. For your birthdays, anniversary, party and celebrations. In fact, for all una that are about giving birth, don’t forget to call me for your child’s naming ceremony because I make and deliver Jollof Rice with plantain, moin – moin and beef or chicken...whichever one you want at a discounted price.’


That’s catchy right? For now, one way to bring peeps is to get involved in the ‘discounted price’ tingy at least for now. So, don’t save your cooking skill for just ‘daddy junior’. Time to make that cool cash and trust your friends not to sly. They will keep the calls rolling in.


I believe in everything you do, you should always seek ways to improve yourself and get better. You can decide to go into small chops too. Small chops like doughnut, buns, puff puff, fish roll, meat roll, egg buns etc. And you can decide to get involved in cocktails too. You could add gizzard and suya to your style too. Mehn, you gonna be a hot attraction. But for now, stick to your low budget.


One great thing is that this could be a full- time or part time job. It depends on your time schedule. Same goes for the guys. At least, pepper soup should come in handy for the guys. Many guys like the pepper soup feeling. And some guys like indomie too...yes, indomie.


I can remember vividly when my friend’s boyfriend took us out. He ordered for indomie and egg. I was baffled but then I realized that guys like indomie as much as we girls do. The surprising thing is that he ate it cold...EEEEEEW! Anyway, taste differs. And then, the popular Chapman. Assuredly, this would be too stressful for just one guy to do. You may decide to partner with someone or employ your brothers or sister or some small boys to help you.


So, when you are called. You offer the following

·       Pepper Soup (Meat or Fish)

·       Nkwobi

·       Indomie and Egg (Garnished Optional)

·       Chapman

·       Gizzard

·       Suya

This is just enough packaging and you will make your cool cash. You could also deliver drinks along. Now, when I say drinks, remember this is a Christian blog and as a Christian, ‘drinking alcohol’ is not our lifestyle. Aim to be different. What’s bad in juice, malt, soda, Chapman (already listed), coke and fanta or the latest, big cola and the best, chilled water?


Now as time goes on and the business expands, you have to employ people and pay them well while you just are more like a supervisor getting the elephant share. Like I said, your market begins with your friends.


One thing I believe in life is that


    ‘Good works have a mouth and a voice. They would always speak for themselves’


Even if you aren’t able to do much marketing, your good food will speak for itself and some of the attendees are obviously potential customers.


Before I end this session, it is pertinent to note that good food with bad packaging is rubbish. Good packaging involves the use of neat and good plates and utensils. Customer services are also important. Don’t shout at customers because they are always right even if they aren’t.


So, raise your hand if ‘FOOD SERVICES’ is now your So don’t think it’s restricted to the ‘mamas’ alone. Modernization is here.


In conclusion, whatever is worth doing is absolutely worth doing well.



Share this post to everyone. You never know who has been waiting for a business idea such as this. Remember, we are all one idea away from our breakthrough. Just one idea can catapult you into your success!


Emete Smart wishes you Good luck!

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