Like Dangote said ‘Entrepreneurship is key’. It is one of the ways to move Nigeria forward right now. By starting a business, you are creating employment opportunities for people that will work for you, you are killing idleness so that your mind doesn’t become the devil’s workshop and you are most importantly adding value to others through your output. We have discussed two businesses you can start –
a.  Marketing
b.  Food Services.
Today, we would be looking at a third business you can start
c.  Agriculture
There are so many facets of agriculture. One strong facet has to do with the sales of agricultural produce. There is serious money in this business and it is a source of investment. The most important moral thing to take note of is the mindset of not extorting people. Many people who go into this business end up extorting others and even if they ended up being rich, their ways aren’t right before God.

How then does this business work? We are used to the notion of ‘this or that fruit season’. A while ago, it was the ‘mango season’ in Nigeria and mangoes were been made very available and sold at very very cheap prices most especially by market women and road side hawkers. They are the best people to me sha. However, as a business minded person, you can decide to take advantage of this business scope instead. How?

You will need an initial capital to begin anyway and it doesn’t have to be one big and scary amount. You could begin with 10,000 Naira. Now, watch the seasons of these fruits very closely. For example, when it is the mango season, buy a lot of mangoes and stock them. Buy enough mangoes according to what your capital can capacitate. Well, not just mangoes but so many the habit of buyers in your country. Do a survey and get people telling you about their best fruits and get those fruits.

Now, mangoes are of two types – the hard and soft. Some like it hard while some others like me love it soft. Now, make an analysis of this and see the ratio of the people that love it hard to the ratio of those that love it soft. The hard lovers could be 56% while the soft lovers could be 44%. This indicates that you obviously have to buy harder than soft mangoes so that you don’t run at a loss.

Do this for so many other fruits but don’t sell them when it’s their season. Observe how people buy them and the amount been sold. This would serve as a standard when you finally start sales. Make sure they are stocked in good condition so they don’t rotten.

Finally, when the fruits are out of their season, release them en masse for sales. People still want to eat these fruits even when they are off season. Now, you can input your own price and trust people to patronize. Now, you will be making double money and more cash into your bank account.

Like I always say, packaging is important. You can decide to package them in plastic and give it a name or just sell like that. I like the ‘market women’ and ‘road side’ style. It’s real to me even though their lack of hygiene at times could make the fruits contaminated.

By getting involved in this business, you will obviously double or even triple your capital which indicates profit but be sure not to extort in the name of making ‘more money’. So, here you go! Google on how to stock fruits for a long time so you can know the procedures. I wish you good luck and great sales!

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