So many people have learnt a lot from this section tagged 'Businesses to start now!'. I hope you have learnt something too. We have discussed three major businesses that require low capital because in this present economy, money is now an important something o and one cannot waste even N5 again. Everything is important. N5 used to be chicken change but now, ngwa, give me my change or I will change it for

So, another business you can start is


Yes, Consultation. There are so many of you that can give advice for Africa. In fact, your friends have turned you into their adviser and everyone wants to hear your say concerning issues. Well, that's classic for you because you can now turn it into a money making business. I am into blog consultation and business consultation and I make money from it. My phone dey vibrate to positivity when my bank account gets credited just because someone wants to hear me give advice, clues and tips concerning their blog or business.

You can start making money too. It doesn't have to be a business or blog consultation. Just study yourself. What are you good in? You might be a technology expert and so many people need advise concerning this field. Just by giving a 30minuites or one hour business advise called consultation concerning technology can earn you big cash.

Mai Atafo, a male fashion designer is into fashion consultations for up coming fashion designers and same goes for a host of others. I was watching TV some months ago and a business consultant said for a one hour business consultation, you will pay him I think over a N100,000. And the thing is that it wont be a one on one thing o. It could be a class of ten. Imagine if its now a class of 100 people?

People are in need of professional advice. It could be food consultation, health consultations, business consultation, Economic Consultation, any consultation. Like I always say, package yourself, your business and your brand for success and for now, start with an affordable price and the sky is your starting point.

You could have an online class or hold seminars where you offer professional advise in whatever field you choose and you get your credit alert. You need ZERO cash to start it. All you need is your head offering master class advise, tips, clues, ways - out, suggestions etc. and you get paid! Start banking the money home! I wish you GOODLUCK!

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