The world is slowly becoming a place where only the fittest would have access to survival. And same goes for the economy. It is pertinent to have a business because right now, entrepreneurship is very key. You could be an employee and also be involved in one or two other jobs. Below, I have decided to share with you some little businesses you can start either as a full – time or part – time job.


I have seriously done this job right from when I was doing my Cambridge a ‘Level and it fetched me a lot of money because I was always given my own share of whatever I market. Marketing is in two ways –

a.  Marketing a product so as to create awareness concerning it. A good example of this is a newly established school that wants to be known. They would need the services of a marketer to do this job and the person would be paid cool cash.

b.  Selling a product. This is part of marketing. If you live in Lagos and you visit Ojodu – Berger area often like I do, you will see young boys and girls trying hard to catch the attention of passers – by so that they can stop to buy their products. To make a passerby stop, they have to continuously rant about their products. You hear things like

‘Uncle, MTN just brought out a new plan for every first time subscriber. They will give you free 7GB and 3,000Naira Credit for just registering as a new customer’

You have to know that while the marketer is saying this, the uncle is yet to stop o. They would keep following the uncle who might be in a haste to get somewhere but their ability to go straight to the point and hit the nail on the head with an attractive offer would make the uncle stop to listen more and eventually buy this product. Abi if you are the one that hears this kind of offer, wont you stop? LOL

Now, marketing is a very lucrative business and if you have a business idea you want to venture into but you lack funds, for now, you can decide to go into marketing so as to gather funds to save. I used the above examples to quicken your understanding. In this present world, everything is all about the right packaging.

You can decide to start a marketing company. Trust me; you need ZERO cash to start a marketing company. Just think up a name. For example –

      ‘YomiLance Marketing Company’

Part of the packaging is to think up a motto that would go with the name of your company. For example,

        ‘Yomilance Marketing Company...we market, you smile’

This is just an example o. No go use am o. If you are boxed up enough, you can decide to get a business card for yourself so you can give potential customers but if not, at least for now, do mouth to mouth.

We are grateful to God for technology. All marketing can be done online now. So, if you work in an office, you don’t have to start thinking of running helter skelter. You can always sit in the comfort of your room and run things online and get customers. Like I said, it’s all about packaging and saying the right words.

Also, you may decide to start a marketing website. Now, you don’t need to pay anyone to build a website for you. You can build a free website online by yourself. You have access to millions of already prepared templates. All you need do is fill it in with whatever info you want. So, direct enough traffic to your website and all you do on your website is advertise for people. That’s the purpose and make sure you don’t digress. Don’t make it a gossip website when its main function is marketing. You can market or advertise anything on your website from weddings, birthdays, companies, businesses, individuals etc and you will get paid.

Importantly, in marketing, you would fail absolutely if you are not straightforward. You have to hit the nail on the head. Don’t start telling unnecessary tales or quotes so as to inspire. Excuse me, the world is busy and everyone has got something to do. So, beating about the bush would make you sound like you are not sure or perhaps, boring.

Also, be trustworthy. Packaging yourself, confidence and using the right words with a little smile as a tip would go a long way in building your trustworthiness and maintaining a good customer relationship.

You could decide to go into partnership with a friend or you can do it alone like I did.

In conclusion, whatever is worth doing is absolutely worth doing well.


Share this post to everyone. You never know who has been waiting for a business idea such as this. Remember, we are all one idea away from our breakthrough. Just one idea can catapult you into your success!

Emete Smart wishes you Goodluck!

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