This is a new section on Emete's Mind Blog (EMB). This section was borne out of the need to pass information to the reading audience about the status of Christianity and Christians all over the world. We know that all is well but in this end time, all is not too well with so many Christians round the world. So many are being killed for their faith, so many are prosecuted and so many are maltreated. Some countries have been religiously monopolized in order to get rid of Christianity but many of us don't know this. We are sitting in the comfort of our rooms and peacefully practising our religion when our brothers and sisters in other countries are not at peace.

Its time for us to be aware so that we can know how to help them by praying for them or sending relief to them in form of food, shelter etc. Some of us could be moved to go on a missionary journey to these places so as to help other Christians round the world. May God help us all in Jesus Name!

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