It’s very easy to be judgemental and the annoying thing about this judgemental thing is the ‘first impression tingy’. Like everyone does the first impression thing and the saying

    ‘First Impression lasts longer’

Personally, I don’t go with that. My first impression with people either good or bad never even stays for a second. I could decide to jokingly refer to it but it’s not as if that would be the painted picture I will have of the person. I so wish everyone had reason same way.

When you meet someone for the first time, you aren’t actually meeting the real being in that person. Even devils appear to be nice on first meetings and angels might seem the devil on first meeting. Sometimes, you might meet someone when the person isn’t in a good mood and then the person isn’t in the mood to smile or talk much and you just conclude that the person is a proud person.

Or you meet someone when the person is famished or very excited or busy and then you just write out conclusions. It’s not right. When I met my 100 level roommate for the first time, in my head I was like

   ‘Oghene! I don enter am!’

I was very judgemental because she had this I – don’t – care – attitude. It was later I got to realize that she wasn’t actually like that. She was actually a nice and funny person. I couldn’t help but tell her how I felt about her on our first meeting. I decided not to be judgemental after then.

So many people that meet me for the first time usually think I am a proud person or very gentle or much of a talky talky but then, it just depends on the mood you meet me. That doesn’t define me, really.

Most importantly, never judge someone before meeting the person. This is very common. Perhaps you heard a lot of gist and gossip about the person and so, you decide to treat the person accordingly in a rude manner. No, that’s very wrong o. What I do is to firstly close my ears from every form of gist and instead get to know the person without ever judging the person.

As Christians, we should never be judgemental. Judge not. If God was judgemental, He could have condemned many of us while we were in our sins but No, He decided to see the better side of us and love us nevertheless. That’s the way we should treat everyone around. So, stop being judgemental!

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