There is little we can do to change the present state of our world. The world is in a devastated and detestable state presently and we can do very little about it. Little means 'something'. Taking Nigeria as a case study, it is dwindling in severe corruption and even when our present president leaves office, corruption will still continue. However, in our own little way, we can achieve little in our community by doing the right thing.

The youths of today are leaders of tomorrow - senators, ministers, commissioners, governors, presidents, chairmen, business owners etc. The leaders of today were once youths yesterday. When they were youths, I wondered what was inculcated into them that led them to be who and what they are right now. All I know is that they had lesser opportunities both moral wise and education wise and that may account for their doing the wrong things now.

However, we have more opportunities than them. We have been taught the word of God and have freedom to go to church anytime or download sermons. We have freedom to go to school and government has tried in the availability of free schools. We have been reminded often and often on the need to do the right thing and live a good moral life as moral beings.

We therefore cannot compare ourselves to our present leaders. The Bible says 'if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do?' This question is rhetorical but worthy of reasoning. The Bible doesn't affirm that the righteous cannot do anything if the foundation be destroyed. In other words, there is a million and one thing the righteous can do if the foundation be destroyed but the ultimate is to turn back to God.

Lets begin practising the right thing and the right life and lets be determined to do the right thing when we get to our leadership position so that we would be worthy of emulation.

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