Last Sunday, the pastor that preached in my school’s fellowship spoke about the Christians dressing. Now, there is a big difference between the ‘Christian dressing’ and the ‘Christians dressing’.

·       Christian Dressing – This implies the manner in which every Christian should dress and this is equated to decency.

·       Christians Dressing – This is the way many Christians dress nowadays

Now he said something I really liked. He said many Christians dress according to the way life has patterned them and in that manner, they see God the same way. He said that many Christians have passed through so much hardship and pain and so they see God as a hard God who sometimes is soft. They see God as a supporter of poverty and so, since Jesus was born in a manger, there is no need to dress well. They must dress like paupers no matter how much money they have at hand.

But then, he said that God loves style! God loves for His children to be stylish, to dress very well. We should be the ones teaching the people of the world how to dress not them teaching us. He said that when God instructed the people in the Bible to build the temple, God was very specific in the kind of things they should use. He was specific about nice colours. You read something like purple, green etc and He encouraged the use of Gold too. God loves beauty.

If God could make such a beautiful earth, He wouldn’t want His people to look any less even in their dressing. There used to be a particular girl in my hostel who was very fervent. I really liked her but her dressing was zero. Whenever she was going out, she would have dirt in her eyes and she would look quite unpleasant and I thought of buying her clothes many times even though my procrastinating self made me not buy her any cloth at the end of the day.

Whenever you are going out, dress very well. Portray Christianity as the beauty of God. Let people see beauty in you. The Pastor urged us to use cologne. Today, many churches preach against it and I just wonder. People have been so brainwashed that its only when they see a man with long, tattered, dirty beards, rough shirts and unpolished shoes that they would recognize him as a real pastor but No No No. That’s not God’s plan for our lives.

Because you have suffered doesn’t mean you should insult pastors or Christians that dress well.  All God want is modesty and decency in everything. A good perfume will make you pleasant to be with. A nicely powdered face would make you good looking. You don’t have to use make up but just nice powder, well brushed brows and perhaps, a little lip gloss. A well plaited hair, ironed clothes, polished shoes, and washed nails will do.

Now that you know that God is interested in our dressing, dress well jor! Dress to glorify God. Dress modestly. Let the people of the world see us and Glorify God in our life.

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