Blogging is one thing I love to do. But I wouldnt have loved it as much if I hadnt seen other people do it passionately and deliver A+ content. I love to read other people's matter how long or how short. I enjoy reading blogs and I am seriously addicted to some. Below are my five best blogs and do check them out and thank me later!


 This Is Ess As The Wind Blows Style 1

This is Ess is a beautiful blog by a beautiful blogger, Ess. Its more of a personal blog because she blogs mainly about her life and the main thing that keeps me checking back for more is her use of pictures. I love her blog design and the way she puts up very nice and attractive pictures of herself. You just dont want to close her blog. She just seems like a very happy person and you can almost relate to many of her posts. Aside from her exposing too much skin which I dont really like, her personality is fascinating. Get curious enough to check out her blog. Its 

4.  Downtown Demure x MyWalit Rio Bag Review

Someone should please scream 'DOWNTOWN DEMURE!!!!!!'. I so love her much much. She is a christian fashion blogger and she presents decency to the world. Her blog teaches that you dont have to expose your body before you look gorgeous and she shows this in the way she dresses and comports herself. I really like her blog and when I have to think of decency, I check her blog. I cant just get enough of her. Please check out her blog 

3. Dooney's Kitchen


Please dont check this blog if you are hungry because you are going to get hungrier. My fav food blog is but then, for the love of ultimate packaging, very cool blog design and wonderful presentation, dooney's kitchen is making the list. No matter how unserious the food she might wanna teach you to prepare might be, she has a way of making you feel like you are actually doing it with the superb use of words that grips your imagination and you cant almost fail to understand the steps. I mostly love her because she is very innovative and sincere. Dont log off the internet without checking her blog

2.  Linda Ikeji's Blog


Uhm, its not what you are thinking o and I will tell you why this billionaire blogger made my list. Its not because she is popular but like I have always said, she has been consistent over the years and thats inspiring. For a billionaire to stick to her schedule and wake up early enough and sleep late enough just to satisfy the appetite of readers worldwide is absolutely inspiring. I used to check her blog often but not anymore because am no fan of 'amebo' talk. But the fact that she gives me less reason to visit the vendor stand by updating readers with nationwide news is enough for me to check back whenever I dim fit. Check it out 

1. Sisi Yemmie's Blog


If I could stand up online to applaude this fascinating woman, I would have done so. Her blog is the best in the entire me o. You will surely agree with me when you check it out. From the blog design which inspired my own blog design to her contents to the beautiful pictures to her very homely and funny vlogs that keeps you yearning for more. This woman is top notch. Same goes to her blog. Her use of English and Waffi is just over the sky. I love her so much and she's one blogger that I would love to meet one day not for any reason but to tell her,

     'Sisi Yemmie, keep up the good work! We love you!'

I am almost addicted to her blog. Right now, her blog page is till wide open. Dont just wonder, go check it out yourself and thank me later. The address is

So, these are my 5 top blogs. I hope you liked them! Endeavour to check them out! Much Love!!!

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