I had a lot of opportunity to see so many movies while I was a kid. My brothers engaged in borrowing movies from friends and neigbours and I also rented films for about a N100 or more. But then, there are some movies I will never forget watching. They include -


Awwwn, I still watched this film in school some days back. I was seriously obsessed and addicted to this movie and I knew virtually all the songs in it even though my brother hated it. He was always like

    'Mtchew, whats all these rubbish?'

Well, it wasnt rubbish to me o. I firstly watched it in a friend's house and I made sure I got the movie. I almost cried when after borrowing my class mates the movie, they cracked the life of the CD and it finally got missing. Anyway, the love story between Troy and Gabriella was top notch and in class, we would always sing the song in class and disturb the boys. Lol, fun days. High School Musical Part one to Part Three takes the Number 5 spot! Well deserving!



My people, if you didnt watch Titanic, you didnt watch any movie ooo. This movie is absolutely on top of its game even after so many years. I cant remember if I cried sef. All I know is that I got so emotional so many times and I didnt watch it once or twice or thrice. I watched it so many times and just few days ago while in school, I was trying to download the movie using my school's hotspot but I couldnt o. The movie I was seeing was in Hindi and all that and I still dont understand.

Biko, if you have the movie, do holla me. I really wanna watch it again. It takes the Number 4 spot on my list! SUSHI!



Hehehe...this was teju baby face's history. To some extent, many of you should know this Nigerian Comedian and Tv Presenter, Tejubabyface. He acted in this movie and was so thin and all. Its a nice movie and I really loved it. I was a tiny fearful babe when I was younger  and so I was a bit scared of this movie but I know it was and is still a great movie. Sizzling Number Three!



 The Genevive Nnaji and Ramsey Noah Tingy comes up here! This is a great love movie I will never forget! I had to ask my elder sister for the title of the movie just now. I said -

      'Sister Funmi, what's the name of that movie where Genevive wanted to jump down from the top of one house'

The last time I watched it was in my dad's friend house and I really wanted to see the end of the movie but we just had to leave. It pained me sha. Anyway, Power Of Love takes the Number Two spot! Obrigado!




This is my NUMBER ONEEEEEEE!!! Bestest Movie in the world even though its a Nigerian Movie! We rock jor! Grace Amah was the lead actress. It also featured Desmond Elliot and Segun Arinze. This is not a movie review post if not I would have given you guys the synopsis of the movie. If you havent watched it, please do so and if you have, you know its a sure bet! The popular song in the movie is

    'Atlanta, Atlanta eewo!

     She was a very good girl

     Atlanta wa ne moooo

     She was a very good girl!'

So, that's it! My other best films include 'When you are mine...diego tinz', 'catalina and sabastina', 'uhm...marichuiy and wamigal film...cant recollect the name sha'. There is also one film like this. Its a Nigerian movie but I cant remember the title. It suppose o enter the list sef. The song in the movie goes thus

     'Sweetie mo, Honey mo

      Love ooooooo, Ebuna ya

       Ewukosolo, Ewukosolo

      Love ooooo, Ebunaya!'

 So, get these fims and enjoy!

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