Yesterday, I got to see Agodi Gardens. You know I told you guys I was going to visit that place but I didn't go on a visit though. I only passed by it and the place looked quite nice. I never knew there were really nice places in Ibadan till I went out yesterday. My cab driver kept making jest of me because I didn't know so many places.

I got to see a place called Eleyele and the place was really beautiful! Like the road was nice and smooth. The government did a great job there. I also got to see Jericho and the road there was very good too and I felt happy because I liked what I was seeing. I think Eleyele and Jericho is the 'omo olowo' area in Ibadan. I guess those places are the lekki of Ibadan or the ikoyi of Ibadan. I couldn't penetrate the streets because I was going elsewhere but from what I saw, the place was really cool.

And then, dugbe too was cool. I know Dugbe is a common place and so many people would expect me to have visited the place but my dear, I am a novice o. Na business carry me reach dugbe sef if not, I for no know the place till I graduate. I also visited Challenge and it was so crowdy. Challenege is a popular place in Ibadan. I know sango area too. Whenever I am coming from home, my bus would always pass challenge.

So, the name is stuck in my head. I know sango because that is where I usually board bus too and assuredly, I know Agbowo. Government should come and do something about this Agbowo area abeg. Or maybe the Agbowo opposite my school. Its so crowded ehn and anything can happen. I heard cultists live there and so many crime activities take place there in the night. Government, e shanu awon omo yin o. But I had fun yesterday anyway and I am still going to visit challenge tomorrow or on Thursday. I have business to do there...*winks*

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