When I came down to Ibadan, the first advise I got concerning Ibadan guys was

    'Don't marry an Ibadan guy o'

I simply laughed. That was a joke to me. How would you walk up to me and tell me not to marry an Ibadan guy? What are your reasons? Are they tenable?

    'Well,' the person continued 'They are not reliable and trustworthy. They cannot do without having more than one wife. It is in their blood'

Oops! Okay. I understood the person now because all indicated that she was talking from experience and experience they say is the best teacher. Nevertheless, I wasn't gonna buy that idea. Like, the fact that one egg in the basket is rotten doesn't mean the other eggs would be rotten. However, as time went on, someone else walked up to me and gave me a similar advise

    'Don't date an Ibadan guy o'

Ahan. This advise was already giving me Goosebumps. Which one is don't date or marry an Ibadan guy? Simply put that God's plan for my life might not be an Ibadan guy. If not, keep your advise. So, I shoved it off and moved on but not too long after, another person bumped into me and said

    'Don't enter into a relationship with an Ibadan guy o'

This time, it was a guy telling me and I was dumbfounded. I really wanted to know his own reason.

    'They aren't reliable. They are adulterous'

Now, this is generalizing the entire Ibadan men. So, I decided to research on this. Does this apply to the religious Ibadan men too? Is the Ibadan culture promoting adultery? What is the percentage of adulterous men to faithful men in Ibadan? I really needed a stat because that wasn't the only guy that gave me such advise. So what's the tat about Ibadan guys? Are they truly unreliable? I am yet to find out and I am seriously going to research this and bring back information to you guys.

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