I can write and over write this post because my dad is a Pastor. So, it’s almost as good as saying me sef get experience concerning this pastor thing. Being a Pastor is no small job. It is a business. Yes, a business. The first person that told me that ministry is a business was a friend who I spoke with at our Nescafe Lounge in the faculty of arts. I didn’t agree with him until he quoted a scripture for me.

You have to be called by God before you can call yourself a pastor. And being a pastor is very specific. This indicates that not only did God call you; He also called you to be a pastor. God might have called some people but to be prophets or apostles but these people have lost their calling and are busy running around with the title of a pastor since that’s what’s trending. Hmmm, God is watching some people o.

Anyway, our pastors do so many things. At least some of the things my dad does which other pastors can relate with are
·       Prepare sermons which they preach on Sunday – They spend sleepless nights preparing sermons. So when you come on Sunday and listen to deep and wonderful sermons that make you say

‘Gosh, this sermon was just for me’,

 Just know a lot of work went into the preparation. A genuine pastor will hear from God concerning the topic and even what to write. Now how easy is that for y’all who are asking God to make you pastors? Its real work. My dad has to be left alone when he’s preparing sermons so that he can concentrate. A comedian once said that there was once a pastor who was always quoting scriptures and everyone was always baffled. One day, the technical dept decided to project the bible verses and that was when everyone realized that he was always quoting the wrong It’s not easy.
·       Assign posts – My dad does this. People are naturally lazy and every Sunday, he has to write this in a paper which he gives to everyone. It’s always like this

‘Sister Nneka – Praise and Worship (20 mins)
 Brother Mike – Prayers (10 mins)
 Pastor Bola – Bible Reading (5 mins)
 Brother Chukwudi – Testimony (10 mins)
 Choir – Choir Ministration (15 mins)
 Me – Word (45 mins)
 Pastor Shade – Announcement (7 mins)
 Sister Dozie – Benediction (3 mins)

Aside from these, he has to make sure the technical dept aren’t fumbling. In bigger churches, all these are designated. The pastor would just sit in Air – Conditioned rooms and when its time, he would mount the podium and zoom off but this is not the same for my dad because he was recently transferred to a new church area and so, he has to be abreast of all these things

·       Make sure the church is organized – Organization goes with the above. It also goes with making sure the chairs are well arranged, the church is swept, the choir is coordinated and everything is set for service.
·       Hold meetings with workers in the church – Before service and after service, pastors hold meeting with workers. After a tiring service, they still have to maintain themselves to hold sometimes long meetings with workers while standing but the workers would be sitted.
·       Counsel people who come with problems – The main reason why so many people run to church are because they get issue o...serious problem. If you listen to some people problem, you go fear fear. Pastors have to sit and listen to the problems brought before them and give wise counsels. Only the Holy Spirit can help them with this. The counsel sef must be encouraging.
·       Pray with and for people concerning issues - And these people expect answers o. So, as they are praying with and for people, they also have to pray for answered prayers too – Double task. If no answers come, people would start looking at the pastor as fake.
·       Fast and Pray – This is important. Many times, my dad won’t eat because he is fasting. He has to fast and pray not for personal reasons alone but for the church and members. Some people have village people pursuing them, some are under curses etc and the pastor has to constantly fast and pray for them.
·       Visit members or workers – Some members might decide not to show up in church either because they are fighting with someone or someone in church offended them or they just over slept or anything. Even workers do it and the pastor has to visit them with the usual message
     ‘Peace be unto this house. I am Pastor korede from Jesus Church located in the next street. I am here to see sister lola.’

They have to do this so that it doesn’t look like they don’t care. They have to call as well.
·       Travel to preach in churches or places where they are invited – Pastors get invited to preach at other places. So many times, they don’t have free time to themselves and they are booked throughout the week. So if you are going to marry a pastor, you have to be a patient and prayerful person because you might not get to see your spouse for weeks.
·       Hold crusades, power meetings, worship sessions – As God instructs them, they hold crusades, power meetings, worship sessions etc which involves planning, planning and planning! WHEEW!
·       Give marital advise -No marriage must crash in their hand o and all the singles must marry o. Many pastors face serious marital problems and still they have to still deliver marital advise. And all the singles in the church are looking up to the pastor to tell them when they will marry. Pastor must also be able to discern for people if the person they want to marry is the right person.
·       Deliver people from the camp of the devil – The devil is on the case of many and the pastor has to deliver these people with the help of God. He has to wake up at night to pray seriously for people and many times, leave the comfort of their homes so as to attend to members who are in trouble.
·       Heal the sick – So many sick people come to church. The one wey no get leg go dey hope for pastor to call his case so that his leg can grow back again and importantly, the pastor must never be sick. So many pastors get sick o and use drugs but on Sunday, they will still preach on divine healing.
·       Tender the flock – They have to tender the flock by being committed to welfares’. Even when pastor and his family never chop, they must give members food and money.

We can now see that pastors have a lot of responsibility on their neck. They must also ensure the church is well populated by going for evangelism often. We just go to church and enjoy but we forget to pray for our pastors. If you aren’t praying for your pastor and his family, it is VERY wrong. They are going through a lot too and even right now, they might be praying for you and other church members. It’s not an easy task but the fact that God will personally reward them is enough to keep them going. Some things you can do for your pastor is to
·       Pray for them
·       Compliment them
·       Visit them
·       Buy things for them
·       Offer them money from your heart when you visit them
·       Encourage them
·       Obey them so you don’t have to give them extra work
·       Love them
Even as we do so, God will help us in Jesus Name. Tonight, pray for your pastor and his family. Make it a habit and God who sees you will reward you. AMEN

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