The twins screamed out of sheer excitement as papa drove the peugeot 2000 into our large compound. He parked beside the farm in the left side of the compound. Everyone was tired. Mama yawned as she pushed herself out of the car. She removed her head gear and handed it over to oche. Oche bent down in humility and waited for orders. The twins tried to open the door but couldnt and oche gave a helping hand.

     'Mama, I want to eat akara', sola, the 'taiwo twin' said and held onto mama's wrapper. She didnt stop. She kept ranting and crying but mama didnt listen to her.

I couldnt take it any longer.

    'Sola, go and sit down! Spoilt child!', I said.

    'Is there food for us?', mama asked oche.

He scrached his head and bent.

    'Yes ma. Rice is on fire. I put curry inside - Fried Rice', he said.

Oche was a village boy. He couldnt speak good english. He always struggled to make a sentence and many times, I wish he would just hush for a second and communicate in his dialect instead. Still, I found it awesome. The way he struggled and glanced at me made me smile.

    'Rice is on fire since we left home till now. You are just a lazy good for nothing house boy!', mama said, pushed him aside and walked briskly into the house.

I felt bad. Oche was a really hardworking boy and deserved more.

    'You will make a fine young man, oche', papa said. He always had nothing to say and never opposed mama. This really annoyed me. He spewed the chewing stick from his mouth, patted oche and went inside. The twins followed behind.

Oche felt relieved at papa's words. He smiled and looked at me. I smiled back and wanted to say something when mama called.

    'Tinu! Go and pack the clothes. Rain wants to fall!'

I mummured a silent 'yes'. There was no sign of rain but I couldnt dispute mama because whenever she predicted the weather, it was always so. I winked at oche and ran off to pack the clothes.


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