Yesterday was my big day and I was expected to have fun which I did. However due to some constraints, I wasn't able to get everyone to enjoy everything I had planned out for them. I guess I just moved with things and to the Glory of God, everything turned out awesomely well.

I received lots of text messages through normal SMS and also through whatsapp and I got calls buzzing in and I felt like a Queen as everyone kept remembering me and wishing me happy birthday. However, there is one lesson I learnt yesterday.

Yesterday, I noticed that it was mostly my newest friends that kept celebrating me and wishing me happy birthday. That doesn't indicate that my old friends didn't wish me happy birthday. Many of them did and most of them forgot and so, my new friends filled the space of 'most' and so, they all wished me happy birthday and this was a pointer to myself.

I am one person that likes and enjoys living a simple life. I don't believe in calling too much or visiting too much or any of that. I believe once I am a friend to someone, that's it. We greet and say 'hi' and then, bye-bye. I don't need to bother about calling or messaging or checking on anyone. In fact, I really frown at unnecessary and incessant calls because I am a very busy person and if I am not busy, I am praying and if I am not praying, I am chatting and if I am not chatting, I am thinking up how to make my life better and add value to others and if I am not doing that, I am in class and if I am not in class, I am sleeping. So, I have a tight schedule and seriously frown at calls entering anyhow and so, this has created a kind of gap between me and most of my friends.

It got so bad that I hardly remember my friends birthdays and I always have to apologize a million times. So, when it was mostly my new friends that wished me happy birthday, I was at first baffled but then it dawned on me that karma is king. I had a list on my mind of the major people I expected to call me exactly 12:00am and NONE of them bothered. It was later their calls started coming in, towards evening. I had high hopes for them but they kind of fumbled and I almost felt bad but then, I realized karma is king.

So, I have learnt to appreciate people more and mostly appreciate friendship more because friendship is a relationship which must be guided and guarded against all odds and whatever you sow, you will reap not even forgetting that KARMA IS KING!

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