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EMETE SMART!!!!!!!!!!

Okay. Yesterday was my birthday and so, I am today's personality of the day and I feel very much elated!

Emete Smart was born on the 4th of April, 199*...hehehe...for those that wanna know my age, add any number...*tongue out*. She is the last born of 4 children and was born at county hospital in Ikeja, Lagos. A year after she was born, her family relocated to Ogun State where her father built his house. Her father is a Pastor while her mother is a deaconess and assistant Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Emete attended Peaklane International School at Alagbole in Ogun State and moved to Amazing Grace International School for her KG Class. A year later, her mother was transferred to Delta State for Church duties and her entire family relocated to delta to support her mom. At delta, she attended St Lukes International School and throughout her stay in delta, she witnessed the ongoing war by agitators for the unnecessary Oil Exploration by the federal government. She vividly recounts

     'I can remember going to school and seeing soldiers in a truck shooting in the air. My sister would hold my hand tight and we would walk very fast. I didn't understand what was happening. I was simply scared'

In 2006, the family returned back to Ogun State and she was enrolled in Fortuneland School at Akute in Ogun State for her Primary education but for some reasons, her parents enrolled her in another school, Rose International School at Akute in Ogun State where she did her Primary education. She was enrolled in Meir International School for her Jss1 education and when her parents finally started their school, she joined their school, Pillars College, in 2008 where she did her JSS2 to SSS2. She recounts her experience in her mom's school

    ' I enjoyed attending my mom's school but at the same time, I wanted to leave because many of the teachers tried to maltreat me because I was the proprietress daughter. If my mom shouted on them, they would pass the aggression on me. If my mom refused to pay their salary, I was in soup for that day. So, I complained bitterly to my parents to enrol me in another school'

She wrote GCE in SSS2 and joined her mates in a new school she attended for her primary. She went back to Rose Private College for her SSS3 where she wrote her WAEC, SSCE and NECO. She was once the social prefect and head girl in her mom's school but she wilfully dropped the post of the head girl because she didn't want to bear too many responsibilities.

After her secondary school completion, ASUU went on strike and she was enrolled for Cambridge A 'Level and passed. When she was almost done with the programme, ASUU called off the strike and the University of Ibadan brought out the admission list. She says

     'I and my parents didn't know I had gotten admission. We had given up on UI but then, when my parents went to church, they heard one of the members share a testimony where they said their daughter's name came out in the supplementary list and my parents decided to check it out too and that was where they saw my name'

She wrote JAMB and passed and wrote Post - Jamb but was one mark away from the cut off mark to study Communication and language Arts and so, she was given Religious Studies.

     'I didn't feel too bad when I realized I didn't get my dream course but my parents felt very bad and scolded me greatly for not meeting up to the cut - off mark. I wouldn't say it was absolutely my fault because I was busy reading for Cambridge A 'Level and I was sick on the day of exam. I know there is no excuse for failure. The deed had been done already. My sister wanted me to re - write jamb but I refused and instead decided to face Religious Studies squarely'

She got admitted and in 200 level, she started a magazine company where she built a team but had had a bit of a financial restraint and hasn't gone into production yet. This financial constraint made her start an investment company

    'I never really understood what budding entrepreneurs faced when it comes to financial constraints until I faced it. I realized that so many dreams have been shattered and aborted because there was little or no funds. Like Aliko Dangote said, entrepreneurship is key. We cant start dreaming of waiting till we are done with school before getting a job. If Nigeria would move forward, we have to kill unemployment by creating jobs. So, I decided to start a investment company whereby entrepreneurs would submit their business proposals and the money they need. We would help them get investors so that they can actualize their dreams'

Aside from that, she helped one of her relatives run a business blog, she did some marketing for her friends and finally started her own blog in 300 level out of her passion to start a Unique Christian blog. She has big plans for her self and the world. She is also a gospel singer and would be releasing her first single soon.


Emete used to be a big time extrovert when she was younger but her parents seriously frowned at this and would punish her severely for sneaking out of the house to play with friends and little by little, she started withdrawing herself into her own shell and became a very shy little girl. She started enjoying her own company and grew to love God. She even created a friend for herself out of wood. She drew a face on it and saw the wood doll as her only friend since her parents wont let her go out out to mingle. She had a fast body growth and was far wiser than her age.

    'At age 11, I was already giving marriage counsels and advise to older women that worked in my mom's crèche. They would sit and wonder at how a little girl could think so wide'

When she was in JSS3, she had her first mini boyfriend, Nnamdi, but entered into a more serious relationship in SSS1. She was dating a guy far older than her who lived afar off and they hardly saw. In SSS2, she started an even more serious relationship with the aim that they would get married.

     'Lol. You know all these secondary school love ish and we were just playing around and we thought we would marry. I kept calling off the relationship because I was still young and quite unbalanced'

Her footballer boyfriend who later travelled out of the country to play for Nigeria was quite upset after she broke an almost 3 years old relationship.

     'I think I learnt a lot from all those relationships and I got to know God even more and I knew I just had to grow up and face life squarely'

She was a very tush little girl but enjoyed hearing her brothers speak pidgin at home and so, she went to learn the pidgin language against her tush English. Though she grew up amongst street people, her parents guarded her and her sister and made them live a different life like some rich kids.

     'My dad made us realize that we were different. Every Saturday, he would take us round Lagos and then we would stop by at Lagos Country Club in Ikeja where we were members. Many people thought we were Lagosians.'


Emete became closer to God in primary school and later in secondary and presently in the University. Her heart burns for God and she enjoys other Christians telling her about God. She enjoys pretending to be a novice and hearing out what other Christians have to say. She desires to serve God intently and sing only to the Glory of His name.


She has grown to be fearless and understands life better. She has a whole lot of dreams that she cant wait to actualize. She is the C.E.O of Escape Magazine, Emete's Expression Home Cleaning Services and I.C.I Online Business and she is the owner of Emete's Mind Blog as well. Her stage name is Emete but she is known as Grace Smart. Emete is her native name.

     'God has instructed us to dominate the world which I am doing not for a selfish purpose but to add value to every life. I wanna touch lives. I want to work hard to eradicate poverty in Nigeria and Africa as a whole and I wanna bring the God - consciousness back to the world because Jesus coming is nearer than it was 10 years ago. It would be a like a thief in the night to the sinners and unrepentant but to the saints in Christ, it would be our joy because we are very expectant and alert.'

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